New mini lease list. payments under $100 bucks!

Do NOT call the stores first.

The payments are based on APPROVED credit.

The dealership gives out final numbers. This is NOT a final number. This is just an estimate.

Payments are based on:

1st payment due at signing.
Plus Tax
Plus Dealer Doc Fee
Plus DMV/Plates.

(Acq. fee is included)

They all need to be gone by this week! Please contact me first. I will be at Century BMW/MINI this week helping out and making deals.

Here is the list:


Do u recommend BMW excessive wear and tear package. Plz reply. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for all you do Loberant. Got a solid deal on that countryman.


lobrant is the man…really amazing stuff he’s posting.

Is there a disposition fee for the 1 year lease?

Thanks loberant! My brother’s in the market to replace one of his cars. I’ll see if he’s interested. Will you be posting a new BMW list? He’d be interested in one of those low to mid-200’s 3-series if they’re within 500 miles of Los Angeles.

How many miles do you get on these leases? Are these all 10k miles/yr?

15k for my 12 month because anything less and they’d literally have to pay me. :joy:

C’mon man…with all the FAQs and so much time on this forum, you really should know how to do the rough math on going from 10k per yr to 12 or 15

Teach a man to fish vs giving him one…

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@max_g LoL. Come on man I’m not asking to do the conversion I’m just trying to figure out if these numbers are for 10k miles or more. Don’t get too excited :grin:

Very interested in the deals that loberant has been posting.

Too bad the cars are just too far from where I am.

@loberant Do you have access to inventories in the Greater Seattle area?

Does anyone know of an aggregated list for other areas of the country?

He has access to inventory in Socal–not close but not as far away as South Carolina…

Hi Loberant - how do I contact you? i sent a message to your email and pm. Is there a number that I can reach you at?

Thanks so much

Also sent a message here and email, hope to get a deal done !

So if anyone is skeptical (I was), don’t be. Raphael Loberant is the real deal! My girlfriend and I just flew down the east coast and picked up a $106/mo. fully loaded Clubman S and a $120/mo. fully loaded Cooper S at Century BMW Mini. Sales guys there were great, didn’t try to upsell us on anything at all, in and out of there in about an hour with all the paperwork taken care of.

Both cars have a few miles on them since they’re demo vehicles, but they drive and look new, so no worries there. They’re exactly what was promised.

Raphael’s a nice guy too - told him I’m going to be hounding him for another deal like this once the lease is up, ha!


I have to confirm as well. Loberant hooked me up at Long Beach Mini. Picked up a cooper s hardtop 4 door - very well equipped for $111 incl taxes per month, 12mth/15k miles. Just like he said. The sales team was great, I was in and out and had the best new car buying experience I ever had. Truly amazing deals.


@dwells and @boxcarandy congrats on the new cars! Sounds like an amazing deal! This was asked previously but I never saw an answer. Do you still have to pay a disposition fee on a 12 month lease? Seems like that alone could be a third of the total lease cost. Also, how does wear and tear get calculated on these semi-used car leases. If the tires are already half worn and you finish the lease with completely worn tires, do they charge you for that?


Never got a response so decided to email long beach myself and their numbers were higher than those on the list posted above. They said those were preliminary numbers that were run and they are providing me with actual numbers at the dealership level

Hi I am interested in getting how do I contact you?