New Mercedes EB 50% off

Clickbait? Yes. You do it with TikTok, News Apps, YouTube, why not here.

Source: Slickdeals.


Pin this for the folks in the back looking for a $200/mo lease on a 3 row SUV because they’re having their firstborn. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hmm …

E-bikes are hella expensive. And these come with “AWD”. I guess everyone is feeling the supply surplus on the bike side these days.

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I would close one on $500 max , I use to have BMW bicycle non electric

"BMF or MBF eventually will give loyalty rebates for E bike in the household "

Any federal EV rebate on these?
I like the 2x2 AWD

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Doesn’t seem that expensive? The most expensive bike is one you don’t use/ride. I could see myself riding to work once a week and spending weekends on my ebike. although I’m fortunate enough to be able to live next to some fantastic grade-separated class 1 bike paths. I have a road bike but my knee is acting up right now.

Wait till you see Porsche Design’s ebikes,

At $11k each better to buy or finance than to lease.

wow, 11k for the e-bicycle

that’s like entire car

I’ll buy a macan for 11k😂

auction prices are dropping fast like 0-100 real real fast
also, Mannheim is also overpriced so local auctions might be 5-10% cheaper

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