New member. Rate my lease from 2015

Hello All

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I have been reading a lot on here. I wanted to share my first ever lease I did in dec 2015 for a 2016 Camry SE. It will come to an end this December.

$215 no first payment, no money down. See the pic of the breakdown. Please rate it

16% discount and under the 1% rule, looks pretty good to me

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What’s the under 1% rule?

That your monthly payments are under 1% of the cars MSRP

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Did you pay anything at signing? I see $1000 init pmt… if so you got to add that to the monthly payment you’d be close to the 1% rule. Still not a bad deal for a Toyota. Surprised they discounted so much on the new model year car.

Nope, i didnt pay anything at signing. also, the first month payment was waived as well. my payments are $215…