New member. Help with a BMW i3 lease

First time here. What an awesome community which has helped me immensely with negotiations.

Here is my offer for a 2018 BMW i3 Rex with the driving assistance package.

Let me know If this is a good deal or not.

MSRP 53,395
Sale Price $47,900 (10% off) they won’t budge on this.

Money Factor .00232 (higher MF to waive acquisition fee)

Residual 61%

30 months /10k miles

Discount USAA/College Grad/Fed: $9000

License/Doc fees: 689 - Cali

Tax 7.75%

Post sale rebate $4000 (2,500 state, $1,000 BMWCCA, $500 SDGE)

Total drive off $4000 (will get it all back)
Monthly payment $301 + $23 tax ($324)

LeaseHacker score 17.8

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Others have gotten 12% off a couple of months ago, but maybe the market has changed since then.

It’s not a huge difference, but I think waiving the acq fee in this case comes out to be more than $925, so it’s not advantageous to do so.

Hmm. Good point on the acquisition fee. Might just add that back in for MF .00182. I pushed for 12% but they didn’t budge. Will try other locations. If I get 12% I can get under 300 a month which is my goal.

Great deal take it before they sale it to someone at MSRP