New lease inspection sticker

I picked up a new lease from a dealer in NJ late last night, and drove home in NY. They put a temp plate on the back but said I didn’t need one at the front. Also, they said for a new vehicle with temp plate, I don’t need any inspection sticker immediately. Are these all correct?

I’m more concerned about the inspection sticker. I wonder if I need to ask the dealer for NJ sticker since that’s probably what they should have done.

You dont need front plates if they are temp, just the rear temp plates are good.

Also, whenever i bought a new car, they would just place the inspection sticker at delivery. Good to call them and say guys you forgot the inspection sticker.

If the law there is like it is in PA, you can’t get a NY state inspection done until the car is officially registered in NY. I drove around for 2 months with VA tags and VA inspection sticker until my car was officially registered in PA. At that point, there’s a grace period as to when it must be completed.

What a scam, they make you get an inspection on a new car. Bureaucracy at it’s finest.

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