New lease, BMW or Volvo - need help


I’m looking for a new lease in Bellevue, WA, there’re two options on the table (completely different :smiley: ):

  1. Volvo V90 CC.

MSRP: $59,045
Savings: $14,865
Cap Cost: $44,180
Dealer/State Fees: $2,468
Total Price: $47,673
Customer Cash: $2,000
Net Residual: $27,751
Drive Off: $2,000

Lease: 36 months, 12,000 Miles
Cash Down: $2,000
Monthly Payment: $727,44

  1. 2020 BMW 5 530e xDrive (They didn’t want to send me the data I asked for):

Vehicle Price $64,760.00
AutoNation Savings $1,060.00
AutoNation Price $63,700.00
Vehicle Selling Price $63,850.00
Sales Tax (estimate) $6,576.55
Documentation Fee $150.00
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate) $750.00
Balance Due (estimate) $71,326.55

Lease: 36 months, 12,000 Miles
Cash Due Monthly payment
$1,923 $1,024
$3,000 $991
$5,000 $931

What do you think about these deals? Is it really that bad as I think?


Yup. Those are both really bad.

You need to get the RV/MF/incentives for each vehicle so you can properly evaluate the deal.


I’ve just asked them for these numbers.

You should also ask on the forums at Edmunds so you know both what they should be and what the dealer is charging.

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Holy crap… so you’re getting 25% off on that Volvo and STILL they’re quoting you a $727 monthly payment?? That’s atrocious. And a 47% residual yikes.

Did you see that the Volvo you linked to is a loaner?

EDIT: I haven’t done the math for 12i miles per year, but at first glance it looks like your offer on the BMW is quite a bit worse than the advertised national ad on the BMW link you provided.

Wagons don’t get lease support in the form of inflated RV

You’re much better off buying something like a CPO 2017 330i wagon where the depreciation has slowed down to a relative trickle

I don’t know if I’ve seen deals anywhere near this bad!

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Ouch these hurt

That $1k discount off on the 5 series is … so autonationyyyyy

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For perspective, I have negotiated on 2 BMW 540xi’s with MSRPs at $68k for 36 / 15 and received offers around $650/month with $3k DAS.

I think there’s two 5 series’ in that monthly.

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ok, so this is what I got from them:

  1. Volvo: Incentive $11,925 Residual 47% MF .00250.
  2. MSRP of this 530e is $64760. Residual is $37560.80. MF is 0.00168

From the dealer or from edmunds?

from the dealers…

What did Edmunds say?

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Edmunds says:

BMW $685/mo
Volvo $872/mo

No, I mean what does the Edmunds forum say for each vehicle as far as what the RV/MF/incentives should be? Only way to know if the deal is any good is to know what the numbers are compared to what they should be.

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ok, I’ll need to create an account and post a question there then.

Definitely the place to start whenever looking at a lease.