New Jersey law to allow for online car sales, electronic signature


Makes sense to give people the option to e-sign and do DMV work electronically.

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Agreed. Buhler Jeep was doing this early on in the pandemic. Signed everything via Docusign and they delivered the car to me and I just had to sign something acknowledging it was delivered. Was super easy.

I had another NJ dealer deliver a car to me and they had me sign all the paperwork in my garage. Then when finance signed everything they scanned and emailed me a copy. Couldn’t understand why they would do it that way, but wondering if there was maybe an exemption early on in the pandemic for e-sigs.

but how will people be pressured to buy $2000 worth of worthless zurich shield in the box???


Same way we trust there’s actually nitrogen in the tires, and paint protection. On their word.