New Jersey 2017 Kia Sorento SX w/Adv.Tech Package $369/Month

Finally I pulled the trigger on the Kia Sorento SX - About 3 weeks and after gaining ton of knowledge from this Forum and multiple offers ranging from $400-$500, I sent out the below and a dealer in NJ had honored it and I am picking up the vehicle…

Basically…$1500 Drive Off and $369/Month on 12/36 Month Lease. Thank you all for the feedback and support…I will do my part going forward:slight_smile:


Congrats! …(20)

Well done @cccnj. Can you share the dealer info?

That $5500 incentive is lease cash on 2017’s right? I just priced one out on the Kia site and it shows it.

I test drove a v6 SX last week and it was nice.

I sent a PM to you…!

Your input in the forum has been very valuable and authentic. Next time around I will probably will not waste time researching but rather work with you! - Look out for some referrals!

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Yes, $5500 for SX and $6000 for SXL till 9/30 I believe. I was so fixated to the SX since I test drove one 3 weeks ago…I loved the Panoramic roof and the interior.

The lease offer of 5500/6000 is till September 5.

Looks like a pretty good deal.
I will try to see what I can do in MIchigan.

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If you get it in Michigan let me know.

Thanks to @cccnj I just picked up the same vehicle (with remote start) for $378 incl. pa tax! Really happy with the car so far. For those larger framed folks looking at this vehicle I find the driver seat to be a little uncomfortable. Hoping t just needs some breakin’ in. Once again, huge shout out to @cccnj for pointing me in the right direction!