New Jeep Lease with USBank 2 questions

I leased a 2020 Jeep Gladiator through US Bank on May 11. When I first took the truck to just “check out” it had 16 miles. When I brought it back to fill put the paperwork it had 75 miles. I asked if they could change it they wrote in 299. At the dealership I was like “Thanks” but tonight I got concerned. Is that too many miles? I ask because I still haven’t got any paperwork and I’m concerned the mileage created a snag. I THINK my payment is due June 12th and I’m kind of in the dark. I have a USBank bank account and the loan is not showing up under the “loans” section. Should I be worried? I do NOT want to give up my truck or have my payment change. Concerned…

I wouldn’t worry about it. The banks are likely behind on paperwork due to COVID and being short staffed etc. I would however give the bank and call just to make sure the loan is showing up and to arrange any payment due. If all else fails, give the dealer a call. I would say the mileage aspect is irrelavant. How do you like the Gladiator and what did your deal look like. I am trying to get into one myself.

I did a US Bank lease on a Tundra in October 2018. Even then I didn’t get any kind of letter about the payment until about a week before it was due. I think they are just slow with that. And probably more so now. Just give them a call as @James_PA suggested.

I love the Gladiator! I turned in my Wrangler for it. I went with the Overland model which is a little more lux. I got in on the “employee pricing” deal. Payment is $509 which is more than I wanted to pay when I walked in but I couldn’t resist the black Overland. It’s a 4 year low mileage lease but I doubt I’ll make it 4 years. I rarely do. For now, my 2 favorite thing to do is drive around with the top off and then hand wash and wax it!

I will call them.
Thank you!