New here! X3 Help

I’m quite new to this site and was referred by friend. I could use some preliminary help if possible. My father’s 535 lease runs out December and he is interested in X3. Previously I got his 535 with premium package, navigation, heated seats 36m/36,000k for 1st month down and $500 per month.

He is now interested in an X3. The only real options he needs are navigation and parking camera though I think he likes heads up display and front heated seat. He prefers xdrive but open to 28 or 35.

We are in NC. He hopes to pay just 1st month and taxes and any acquisition fees. Looking to get as close to $400/month as possible

I need pretty much the same deal in ny nj and need only xdrive. Any help?

If you don’t want to do work or research, a broker is definitely the way to go on this.

I am open to do the work and research. I just don’t want to spin my wheels in the mud. Trying to figure out a good range. I know get $1,500 loyalty discount. If MSRP is around $48,000 for example, I am not sure how much discount on that I should be looking for.

Im amenable. Never heard of a broker and would consider exploring. Any suggestions on one?

Ok. It’s not super hard to start!

Step 1. Go to Edmunds forums and get the MF and RV on the model you want, for your metro.
Step 2. Put these into a lease calc and enter the payments you want. Then you’ll find out where you need to negotiate the SP to.
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit?

Or start from dealer ads and grind down from that starting point.

Check out the broker threads in the Marketplace sub forum. There are some very capable brokers there.

Also, because your old man got a decent deal three years ago, and everyone else did too, BMWF has a ton of lease returns right now that are residualized well above market value. Because of this, your new lease is not going to be as good as you’re looking for. Maybe try to find a demo or service loaner.