(New England, NJ, NY) MONTH END DEAL on a LOADED Land Rover Discovery HSE Diesel MSRP - $74869 - 36M/10K - $640/Month + Tax w $2500 Total DAS -must sign in house

Amazing Deal on a 2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE Diesel (Demo) with 5K Miles

Indus Silver
Black Interior

Awesome Packages

7 Seat Luxury Climate Comfort Package
Drive Pro Package
7 Seat Package
Remote Intelligent Seat Fold Package
Vision Assist Package
Black Design Package

Full Length Black Roof Rails

Heated Windshield

Natural Charcoal Oak Veneer

Wheels: 20" 5 Split-Spoke w/Gloss Black Finish

$399 Broker Fee

As I said, if you want to move metal, you got to go deep, deep, deep

I cant read crystal balls. Are you suggesting this is or is not deep?

It does meet the 1% rule we all strive to beat…

it does NOT meet the 0.75% rule we all strive to beat

fixed it for you :slight_smile:


This is a very good deal for a $74K Disco. Even if you don’t like it :slight_smile:


So it has to be good, right?


Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?

Next thing, you will be trying to pass yourself off as an ‘advocate’. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Not the advocate we deserved, but the advocate we need!

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Lol! Too funny

I’m a horrible person I know

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btw, it’s suppose to be “Only From” instead of “From”!

“Only” is really important IMHO…

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That was good

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Isn’t it like your last hurrah until you join some startup? So I promise I will not make any more comments and will let you sell your cars and go out with a Bang!!!

Thanks Brexit! haha … still no love for CA

Get me a 7 series in CA and I will get you the Rover in MA. We meet somewhere along the Mississippi and exchange papers…

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Still going to keep at it after 4/1, but paring it down is all.

Doing fewer out of New England deals will be the biggest change!

We all need to do a Boston based LH meetup now that the weather is turning!

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