New England Meetup-October-Should I just give up?

Two failed attempts thus far

Would anyone consider October?

By then, @michael will totally have LH t shirts designed


How many of actually active users are from Boston area except for you?:slight_smile:

So many! I think?

I wonder if the @admins can run a regional report based on IP, unless that’s a privacy issue

How about a survey of those interested in meetup and generally where they are?

If it’s a week I’m on east coast i’d detour to join you. Not shipping my car for it tho

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bostonian here, and i’m in (depending on the day of the week - definitely can’t do wednesdays :frowning:

let’s do it!

Fo shizzle. Boston based. Will bring Mr Ernie Boch and Mr Herb Chambers.

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I will bring Lyon from waugh auto group and Rosenberg from prime. Looks like we covered 80% of the boston dealerships …

Rosenberg is in the middle of a Ponzi Scheme according to the papers. He’s prob tied up

I also think Boch sold his dealerships and just focuses on Subaru no?

I could get a Boston IP in short order if I wanted, lol…

In boston but just a leaser with no connections other than those who I message on here! :laughing:

I am from the North Shore. Would love to get together. Just can’t do early mornings. Would like to finally meet @Bostoncarconcierge Mike in person. Thank him for the deals!

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I was ready to go to the last one so I would try again. Let’s figure out an actual event or place and we can set up a poll.

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Annnnnd Rosenberg is out as Primes CEO

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Will you bring a list of deals and offer a $100 commission discount?

Once any broker sees that POS that you are driving, any broker will get you a deal for free out of pity.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::skull: Savage

Mine will come back as Singapore, thanks to the VPN on my work laptop, lol.