(New England) Jaguar F Pace Employee PIN-$71K S for $584+ Tax w $2500 DAS!


Hey Friends,


Been ages since I have seen an employee PIN deal for an F Pace. One F Pace only.

With any PIN deal, it has to be requested and verified through the district manager. I would accept half the broker fee to submit and other half after signing. Of course, if the regional manager can’t put it through, I’ll refund you the first half.

$500 Broker Fee due to specialized nature of the deal

Best option: F Pace S (4 to choose from)
$584/Month Plus Tax
$2500 DAS to cover upfronts and maybe $200 or so of cap cost (just easier to round it out)

This will work for any F Pace in inventory but I ran all of the numbers and I would urge someone to take an S. I won’t be excited if you call me and ask me to get you a 4-banger stripper. No fun in that.

With any PIN deal, you can choose any new car from their inventory. Pricing can fluctuate slightly but this will smoke any non PIN deal.

I’m going to grab a pint of Guinness at Emmets, so either meet me there (next to the state house) or shoot me a text.



36/10? 202020

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Yes thank you good call!

I thought this would be gone already!

When an F type pin deal drops and you choose to go to Trillium I’ll definitely be there :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha canton location? Deal. I’m all over it

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What about a pin deal on a wagon like yours haha


This is similar! Same engine :slight_smile:

I’m not in the market right now, but just wanted to say thank you for putting together these great deals

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That’s really nice of you thank you so much!

This is so tempting! The hackr score might not be crazy, but negotiating a great deal on an S is not easy. Nice find!

Thank you!

I agree with you. For what it is, it’s a fabulous/rare deal that we don’t see too often.

We can’t have everyone driving m40is :slight_smile:

Plus this has 25 more HP

Pending deal thank you!!


Same :slight_smile: Need PIN deal on F-Type

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She’s sold!

Awesome buyer from LH will post much better photos in the trophy garage :slight_smile: