New England Hackr Meetup - November 10 - autonuvo Holliston, MA - MA BMW Season Closer -Anyone Going?

Once these two questions are filled out, I’ll create something more detailed.

This is just so pathetic lol

I suspect you’re going to have a hard time on this one coming into the holiday season.

I think its just me. Maybe if someone else sent this survey out, they would do better. Someone with a more likable internet personality.

I have not seen many active users on the forum from MA except for you.
So we may he need to fold you into NorthEast region rather than New England and have you come down to LHfest in Central Jersey. Should be a short drive from BOS-EWR flight:) :joy:

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EWR…those three letters are enough to get anyone to say no.


Hello??? One could argue one of the most active users is from MA

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I always pictured your feistiness in posts being rough NYker rather than soft Bostonian :slight_smile:

Right!? Mr Voohooloos has come back with some heat

Doing LGA or JFK will take forever to get to Jersey.
Only if doing White Plain HPN, than I can pick him up and drop off service for attending :slight_smile:


Yeah, there’s really no truly good airport option in that corridor.

Yep, so have to choose from what we’ve got.

Don’t feel bad…I always thought @max_g was from the boston area, despite the fact his profile picture is a picture of the Statue of Liberty.

I’m Polish, so I at least have an excuse.

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Someone with a more hackable personality

Right. Feels like he is in heat


Making an executive decision. If folks want to meet and then go for a bite afterwards, let’s do it

November 10 @ Noon

They have a great Instagram

Paradise compared to LGA

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Bumping this thread in hopes to get some folks from New England there!

Should be a great time! Would be awesome to grab lunch after.

I’ll be up there this weekend, but I know it doesn’t help much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone going today?

Yo, what time is this at? I’m passing through on the way back to NY… :slight_smile: