New/demo BMW 330e lease help/questions

on new 330e, im getting a sense of roughly 13k off msrp. with discounts and rebates.
on demos that are above 5k miles im seeing discounts of 16K+…
seems the spread should be bigger considering a demo is a used car. what should the discount be like on a demo?

I’m assuming the extra discount partially offsets the lower residual and lack of applicable rebates.
I was looking for new 50-52k msrp 330e, originally wanting to do 36/10, but have read on other threads that 24/10 works better on demos. Also to double check, the math was residual-4% (minus miles [minus 500] x…25?

side note: should I have some concerns regarding demo 330e. worn/neglected batteries, etc.?

24 months works better on New. Inventory is kind of dwindling down on the 2018s so finding one in that 50-52k price range may take a bit of work depending on where u are.