New Coupe suggestions to find a good deal on


Simplicty then background

  • New Coupe under $250

  • Not really into the cars that have amazing leases right now, Jetta, Kia Optima

  • Live in an apartment without power to power a plugin

  • In LA but 5 hour drive is perfectly acceptable for a great deal.

I currently have a Mini Cooper S. Love the car, Love the way it drives. Not so hot on the maintenance. I’m at 85,000 miles and looking at between $2500-$3000 in maintenance expenses coming up and if my brake sensor doesn’t go before December 1 that will be another $800-$1000. My friend seems to be putting $6000 a year into his at 125,000 miles and my mechanic (good friend) won’t touch it since everything is crammed in tightly.

So for that cost it seems like I’m better off leasing a new car and pocketing the cash from selling the Cooper and putting it to better use.

I’m not a car enthusiast, so not sure what my options are. Besides the Mini’s I like the new Civic’s also. I’d be looking for a more of a coupe than a 4 door. I’ve looked at (but not driven) the other suggestions of Jetta, Corolla, Volvo and the Kia Hybrid, they just don’t do it for me, call it Peter Pan disease, not ready for an adult car. If I wanted to stay under $250/mo (though less would be optimal) which cars should I be looking at? Any chance Toyota has to blow out the Scion TC or FRS?

I did the preliminary numbers on the Mini Cooper S and didn’t seem to be able to get under $300 really fudging the numbers, TrueCar pricing and all. Does Mini financing do MSD the way BMW does? A large security deposit isn’t a problem to come up with to drop the rate. FICO is over 750

Any help and time is much appreciated. TIA

Fiat 500, Acura ilx, jeep renegade, buick encore, scions

Might not be on your radar at the moment, but a Volt might actually be a decent choice. It pains me to think you’d never be able to regularly charge it, but even without ever plugging in, you should easily get 40+ MPG (officially rated at 42 mpg combined).

If CA legislators ever get off their butts, a new Volt should eventually be eligible for the green HOV sticker and/or the $1,500 CA EV rebate…potentially more depending on your income level.

Even excluding the $1,500 rebate, you should be able to sign a lease (pending your credit score) for under $250/month, 0 down, all fees/taxes rolled in.

0-30 time of 2.6 seconds…better than a standard Tesla Model S 85! So definitely not your typical “green car” performance.

Mini has a lease special on their website advertising $249/mo with $1545 down on a Cooper S 2 door (assuming $26200 MSRP). It shouldn’t be too hard to do zero down and get the dealer to discount it by that amount instead. You would also qualify for a $500 owner loyalty credit.

Get a Civic Coupe w/turbo. Great quality car, loaded, fun to drive and in your price range.

Thanks for all the replies. Time to test drive some cars!!

I believe you are mistaking the Tesla Model S P85’s 0-60 time haha. The model S P85 will do 0-30 in about 1.9 seconds. And 0-60 in a tad over 4 seconds.

A 16/17 Volt’s 0-30 time is officially better than a classic non-performance S85’s 0-30, according to MotorTrend testing.
They don’t make S85s anymore, but you get the point.

My apologies, thought you said the performance variant.