New category in under market place?


Hey guys, just wanted to suggest a new category for the site under market place. I think there should be a “lease end - buy out.”

Owners want to sell rather than pay the disposition fee (fee to return the car back to the dealership)

Buyers would get a good price and hassle free. Often times cars are under the mileage allotment, making it an even better deal.



Usually not worth it to sell to a private-party (ie taxes).

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Usually the buyout is higher than the market value. It typically doesn’t make sense at all. And if the buyout is below the market value, off to Carvana, Vroom, etc it goes

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90% of the time it’s a bad idea to buy out a lease compared to the current market. Also purchasing cars is taboo on this forum.


We sold our Lexus in CA years ago to a friend where he paid the taxes. It was below market buyout and win win for both of us.


Considering this is a lease forum, and not a buy forum, IDK if it makes sense, especially since it’s only worth it 5-10% of the time.