New car with 1075 miles how to adjust monthly

it adjusts. 10 cents per mile.

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How much more discount there for 1000 miles?

How long is the lease? About $300 should cover the extra $9 for a 36 month lease. As far as it being a used car, has it ever been titled? If not, then it is technically not a used car. It could be a demo, but probably not a loaner given the relatively low miles.

not sure about the title.

You got a great deal. There is no need to spoil it, just enjoy the car. About “ethics and word”, you asked them to adjust the RV which they did per your request. Which increased your payment by $8.

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Is the a threshold odometer reading at which the adjustment begins?

websites are rarely updated. Most of my quotes have accurate mileage disclosed, if the quoted you with incorrect millage I guess you can ask for extra 1% off, I doubt it would be more on a lease. After all it does not matter - make sure no damage is present that would cross beyond normal wear and tear territory.

Talked to the GM. Sending me check of $201.

$1 is extra not sure why. but it will take the payment to what we agreed originally.

113/ pm. DAS $0

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