New bolt revealed

No wonder they were giving them out. I wish incentives would apply to everyone though.


The regular Bolt has never looked sexier.

OTOH I’ve always wanted a lifted Honda Fit.


Seriously, they couldn’t literally choose any other design? A Chevy Cruze looking design would even be better :man_facepalming:

Could be worse. I don’t think it looks that bad.


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It’s just disappointing, they can be competitive if they tried

Looks like they’re competing on price, not design

Leases on these should be interesting. It sounds like they are taking a different approach here with lower MSRP out of the gate instead of boatloads of incentives. I do like that they are finally incentivizing one of the most important aspects of EV adoption: CHARGERS.


Yea that’s for sure

Looks kind of like the Kona. It’s not a Tesla, but it looks a lot better than the older/current model.

Plastic clad anything

So they finally revealed and the first surprise is in…Bolt got a $5k discount on the new version due to lower battery tech! Not excited about the looks but I’ll take a free one to work. The EUV looks better and will generate some sales.|first_level_url%3Anews|section%3Amain_content|button%image

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Looking at pricing i say the regular Bolt will need heavy incentives to compete with the EUV…at only $2k price difference most will go for the EUV.

@ethanrs since the 2022 is $5k cheaper…does that mean you will soon post the first negative price Bolt?

Nice! I was a little worried that it would beat out the Kona EV but Hyundai still has more power and range (and ventilated seats).

I doubt anyone sees this and say " I should extend my budget to purchase this beauty"…

from the outside I cant tell the difference between the normal to EUV. Either way pretty evolutionary styling and damn good job

Anyone know if this and the Encore GX use the same platform ?

It uses the same platform as the Buick Velite 7 in China. The EVs have their own dedicated platform. There’s definitely some similarities though.

Ah ok makes sense. But yes, very similar, specially on the interior part.

Lol…you seem lost. Have you missed the ongoing deals on the Bolts? What budget extending are you talking about? The EUV is looking decent and is cheaper than the current Bolt…you know, the one that has the $5k onepays before rebates that people “extend their budgets” around here.

That’s ok…i like my farts trapped in the seats.


Thank you for this post. Any thoughts on what a lease on a Bolt EUV might look like or when we’ll be seeing them? I’ve got a Volt lease that ends in June and I’m trying to see how to leverage it. Currently paying $275/month with no money down or drive off. I can’t quite tell if Volts are kind of worthless now. Unique car for sure