New BMW plugin hybrids will get up to 50 miles

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I meeean it’s good that the range is creeping up, but gosh it’s slow progress! I guess they’re trying to balance the ‘sporty’ feeling with the need for increased range but it’d be really great if they could at least get the 330e to something like 80-120 miles of EV range.

(though I don’t know if that is even possible for a PHEV at the moment?)

depending on where you live if you charge a lot at home with out solar it could cost you more then gas.

It may not make sense in other regions, but it feels like a no-brainer for me here in SoCal.

No solar at home, leasing a 330e. The current 330e has a 7.6 kWh battery pack. I pay, at most, $0.23 per kWh depending on my monthly usage. So it costs me $1.75 for 18 miles of range at max pricing. If we use the tier 1 pricing ($0.18 per kWh) it will cost me $1.37 for 18 miles.

Gas only is rated for 30 mpg combined, and it costs around $3.60 for a gallon of premium in SoCal. So that would factor to about $2.16 for 18 miles. But since it’s used for the wife’s commute to work (just surface streets, stop and go, no freeway driving) let’s be generous as expect 24 mpg. Then it would cost $2.70 for 18 miles.

All in all, I think it depends on usage, but for a lot of people electricity will be cheaper than gas, even if they don’t have at-home solar.

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Yeah unless you’re one of the lucky ones living in a state with gas prices that aren’t crazy, I think it probably works out cheaper to run an EV. Increasing amounts of people seem to be able to charge at work for free which is what I would probably do.

My commute is about 18 miles, so it’s right on the edge of most PHEVs. However I can’t charge at home because my condo building wants to charge $175 a month for the EV parking spots which seems…excessive.

Run an extension cord from your front window out to the parking spot…problem solved :slight_smile:


Hah, if I could I absolutely would!

Unfortunately the parking structure is 9 floors down and around quite a few corners. I do need to go on a hunt to see if there are any outlets in the parking garage though as I’ve seen a few people do that at the work car park when the proper chargers are full of Volts.

In So Cal only the first 400kw are billed cheap after that they sky rocket. Unless you go on a EV plan but then 5-9 is outrageous…

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If they all qualify for HOV stickers - they will give Tesla a run for the money in California.

I wouldn’t call all this a no-brainer :joy:

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It is for me. I’d rather pay $1.37 to drive 18 miles rather than $2.16 to drive 18 miles. Plus the convenience of the gas engine for longer drives than the usual commute. What’s not to like?

SCE has TOU (Time of Use) plans where the cheapest rates are $0.12/$0.13 per kWh from 10 PM - 8 AM.

For my electric car, it costs about $35 to go 1000 miles since I mostly charge during that time. (Actually now about $10 since my workplace installed free Level 2 chargers.)

Based on the Rate Comparison Tool (, the plan I’m on, TOU-D-A, is the cheapest option. The Tiered plan would actually be $745 more per year.

I’m also planning on installing a Level 2 charger and taking advantage of the SCE $500/$1500 rebate and the SCAQMD $250 charger rebate.

Wow, 2019 330e with 37 mile all electric range. I very rarely drive more than that in a day in mostly stop and go traffic. I feel so guilty when I step on the brakes on my Tiguan, and the energy is not being regenerated.

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Don’t believe everything you hear and do the math…it’s quite easy. The 330e is fairly easy on gas at 30 mpg but an energy hog on ev at 47kw/100 miles. In the ev world that is pure pathetic. With that said, you need to have gas at $2/gal and the kWh at 15 cents in order to pay more on ev. Places that have cheap gas also tend to have cheap electricity…see how many places you can find in this category. Luckily the benefits don’t stop at cost of fuel…

I have a tesla with a 40 amp charger in my garage. Once you use 400KW you are in the highest tier.
while charging it takes approx 8kw per hour to charge …It takes about 8 hours to charge it, Does not take long before your over 400w and everything in your house is now being billed at 55 cents per kw ever 15 mins it uses 2kw tesla

You are from Cali so your gas is not $2…and what the hell are you doing on tiered plan? Get more panels or switch to TOU or go on the EV plan…get 9 cents per kWh. Are you usually driving around to find the most expensive gas in your area?


If i get off tiered 5-9 goes to super high peak and that’s when we use the most.
I would ad more panels but we maxed out at 19 panels . Work we just installed a huge solar system at work and put in couple tesla chargers so now I charge there

I hear you…i’m almost maxed out too…but soon will rearrange some panels to make more room. I’m on a tier plan and so far never paid a cent over the minimum connection fee but now with the second ev in the household i will probably get into low tier 1 next year…we’ll see. The thing is you also have the potion for a separate ev meter which SCE will give you $1500 rebate (not sure if SDGE has something similar) and with that you separate your household form your ev consumption. Bottom line is you have to want to pay more in order for ev driving to be more expensive.
On top of this you have crazy stupid situations like the 530 where the regular “i” and the phev “e” have the same msrp. You get $4,668 in fed credit, $1500 from CA and $1000 from SCE on the 530e. I’m amazed that BMW manages to sell any 530i…why would anyone leave money on the table like that!!!

Anyway, back to the original topic, i think BMW is heading in the right direction. Americans tend to forget there’s an entire world out there that doesn’t have gas at $2/gal and these cars are not for this market exclusively. Good for them!

San Diego just got hit with a nice one from SDGE

Come on, man…that’s old new. Why recycle crap from 2017 when you can look at current data? And don’t worry about future solar customers, they are doing fine. In my area panels are popping up all over the place and it’s mandatory now to go on TOU. And in case you forgot, in CA no new homes without solar from next year on…it’s the law of the land! Major builders already started lest year.