New 5-Series just announced, will dealers start throwing away 16s for a good price now?

Are we gonna see increase in incentives and RV?

Theres already been deals for these. RV wont go up, but incentives should.

Do you know of any new incentives?

Dont know of any Oct incentives for the 5 but you can look at the below thread and come up with a deal to present to a dealer.

I looked and didn’t find anything for this month. I’ll try to browse the site and see it it pops up.

Thank you!

i didnt see any incentives on

The deals for 16’s are insane right now, i really doubt they will get any better.

some dealers quoted me crazy high numbers. best to pull the trigger on one now if you find what you want because come holiday time inventory will be low.

The residual is 67% right now, and its not difficult to find cars 10k off, it should be an easy cheap lease. Don’t know where you are but worse case buy out of area and have the car shipped.

Like this one[BMW[][5_SERIES[]]]&modelCode1=5_SERIES&sortBy=derivedpriceASC&startYear=2016&makeCode1=BMW&showcaseOwnerId=0&firstRecord=0&searchRadius=0&listingId=409445940&Log=0

that should be under $500 a month with 0 cap cost reduction.

With 67% MF .00131 that comes out to $373/month with . $1000 option credit and $1000 Novemberfest adder reduced on top.

Are you sure residual is %67 right now? Edmunds forum says 60%

The residual was 67% a month or two ago, but I’m pretty sure it went down to 66%

Sorry it is 66% (this is easily calculable from bmws webpage). I believe the Mf is .00136 right now. That $2000 you mentioned is already included in the advertised price I’m sure. If you qualify for loyalty that would be on top. But like I said killer deals.