New 330e Deal - NorCal - number not adding up

I’m getting solar panels installed and got such a good price I’m going to add enough additional production to support a plug in like the 330e. I’ve struck out with this dealer in the past but they keep coming back and this time they’ve offered the best deal so far.

It’s a new car with 16 miles on it.
$7,119 dealer discount (~12.5% off, I asked for a firm 15%)
below is as close as I can get the numbers, I added some miscellaneous fees (county, weight, tire) to the doc fee line.

From what I can tell they’ve marked the MF up. Quote is $550 with $0 DAS. I do not qualify for any rebates other than the $6,000 lease cash. Haven’t yet included CCA.

Do you think I can get to that 15% and get the buy rate or is that asking too much. Here is as close as I can get the calculator to their deal:

Here is what I was hoping for:

Its better to go for 24/10k, RV goes to 67%. Ask the dealer to waive the bank fee by making up the MF to 0.00238

And do MSDs to drop it back to 00203

But don’t do that deal, there are better ones out there check out Samson’s post couple d ago

Also suggest reaching out to @GAngellBMW if you’re in NorCal.

Here in GA the lowest I got on a 56k car was around 514 / Mo 0 DAS, .0028 MF, No MSD’s
13% discount and Includes loyalty and rebates.
trying for 14% / Same MF and waive Aq fee it would get me below 450 / Mo - doubt it

Appreciate the name drop.

I can’t touch this deal on a New Car with the new pricing.

If you can’t get any better I’d still take it.

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Try taking the discount you got to another dealer that doesn’t mark up MF if you want to go a bit lower.

MF markup is about $50/month from the calculator

I’m not taking the deal so if anyone else wants it PM me. I’ll be away from my account for a few hours but will check back.

@28firefighter @02cic @o881oo

If someone could review this first actual full deal sheet and tell me what I’m missing I would appreciate it. I can see the MF is market up a little but I’m getting a $200/month lower payment and lower MSDs (due to lower payment) and lower drive offs. What am I missing?

This is as close as I can get:

They seem to really want to do the deal but then they keep on sending my number missing MSDs or $0 drive off or something else weird when I’ve been very consistent with my requests and offer.

Awesome you could post this. You did some work it’s obvious. But this is not a good deal. Not a benchmark for others to work from. Need more off msrp and buy rate. Dealers that say they gotta earn some and keep the MF high need not be in your circle. Move on.

My problem with the whole thing is I just don’t see how the numbers add up. I’ve done my best to plug anything into the calculator and the payment is $200/month lower and the fees and MSDs should be lower too. What am I missing?

I’ll do a thorough analysis and will get back to you sometime this afternoon (EST).

Much appreciated @delta737h !

Discount is already at 11%. That’s all there is in a new car. OP is going to have to look for someone who’s looking to hit a target to get lower.

@mp11477 Discount is now at 15% and they are looking to hit a target based on what the salesperson is telling me but then I get these quotes that don’t make sense. I just thought they were marking up the MF to .004 but then they sent me the full breakdown.

Ahhh…my mistake. I took “Vehicle cost” as MSRP at first glance. 15% is strong.

IDK what “retention rate” of .00168 is. Buy rate (or so I thought) was .00188 this month. They’re definitely marking that up.

How can cap cost be 49K when selling price is 48K and doesn’t include 6K rebates? Unless selling price includes rebates which then means that dealer discount is nil. 6K inception is what is making the price so much higher. There’s your 200/mo discrepancy

Here’s what is happening…

Sell Price = 48,178 [Edit: changed 49,178 to 48,178]
Acq fee = 925
1st Payment = 637.87
7 sec dep = 4,550
Total fees & Ins. = 761.00 (include 85 doc fee)
Taxes (6,000 rebate + 85 doc fee) = 486.80 (doc fee should not be taxed separately as it is included in the base payment)
Gross Cap = 55,538.67
Cap Reduction = 6,000.00
Net Cap = 49,538.67
Res. Value = 34,574.80 = 61% x 56,680
MF = 0.00208
Term = 36
Base payment = 0.00208 x (49538.67 + 34574.80) + (49538.67 - 34574.80) / 36 = 590.62
base payment tax @ 8.00% gross tax rate = 47.25
lease payment = 637.87
DAS = 0

The MF appears to be marked up the max amount. Check the buy rate (retention rate) on edmunds to see if it is 0.00168. You are financing 7 sec deposits at 650 each as well as your first payment. You are also paying tax on tax since you’re financing tax (tax is included in the 590.62 base payment and, tax is levied on the base payment. Also, your financed first payment also includes tax. Don’t know what’s going on in CA as far as tax treatment is concerned but, it’s something I would definitely question.Looks like the dealer may have made some mistakes which is nothing really new.

On-line lease calculators, including leasehackr’s, are not programmed to handle these calculations. Most people try to replicate the dealer’s worksheet (bad idea!) instead of vetting them.

Nope… not what’s happening. He’s waiving the acquisition fee in favor of a higher MF, then bringing it down with msds (which is idiotic, but whats happening). My guess is he’s not giving you the rebate (which is pretty much the difference between the two prices)

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