New 2023 EQS SUV 450+ - $897/m & $1911 drive-offs (10 MSDs)

Got a deal on a new EQS SUV 450+ that I’m happy with:

MSRP: $111,945
Selling price: $86,945
Discount: 12%
Incentives: $7500 EV, $2500 MB, and $1500 conquest.
Term: 24m/7.5k
Pre-tax payment: $819
Drive-offs: $1911
MSDs: $10,500

After a few weeks of trying different tactics to get a deal on EQS SUV, I had given up. Then went back at it for the EQS sedan group deal and again didn’t get very far. Got a message this weekend right before I’m set to sell my XC90 that dealer was more willing to discount SUV. Was offered $22k off incl incentives right away and got an additional $3k.

Great to see early signs of price flexibility on west coast. I joined the FB group for EQS sedan/suv and seems that NorCal may also be seeing similar price concessions.

Good luck!


Congrats and share the pics!

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Solid , congrats!

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Nice deal!
What was required for you to get the $1500 Conquest rebate?

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Current registration for an EV or PHEV. XC90 recharge worked for me.

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Please share this deal in SIGNED! section as well


With no negotiation a dealer was already offering 10-12k off EQS prior to incentives. I replied back asking for 20k. Not realistic yet but I am in no rush.


Is this replicable?

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Should be. Inventory is building up and folks I worked with seemed to indicate that MB was encouraging them to be more aggressive. Not sure what it translates to in terms of incentives for dealers but very different posture from the “nothing under MSRP” responses I was getting a month ago.

Are You talking about EQS SUV?

Sedan 202020

@HersheySweet congrats on your legendary EQS deal.

I am tracking all of these EQS deals with intrigue. I started hacking away at the EQS myself last weekend.

I am wondering if there is something structural that makes the deals “easier” to achieve in California versus certain other parts of the country (ie Texas). The latest posts from dealers and other forum members seem to be indicating that trend. I am sure supply / demand plays into it and it is no surprise that Northern California has more supply right now given a number of things going on in that market. But I am wondering if Mercedes-Benz is not being as generous in Texas, or if the local Texas dealers just havent felt the crunch yet so they are not willing to discount as much.

Great deal. How much did the MSDs help?

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Tax on selling price will destroy most of the deals you are seeing in other states.

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He shared his calculator, so you can play with the MSD values to see.

Congrats on the car, OP!


Thanks I missed that. About a $3k savings over the 24 month lease so solid ROI

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Texas tax on purchase price is fucking dumb, cali tax on monthly payment so much more fair IMO.

Its even more dumb that dealer will get the tax ypu paid at the lease paid to them by the state, so they can give tax credit but most dont.

Excited to see all of the success with the EQS SUV deals this past week. I had a chance to drive mine for about 150 miles this weekend. I’m sharing my experience for anyone who is on the fence for fear of a poor driving experience:

The SUV feels heavy. You step on the pedal and you sense that you are propelling a lot of weight. I was extra cautious at first taking corners and sharper curves. It reminded me a lot of when I went from a forester to an etron. I was also braking more carefully and paddle shifters were key to kick in the regen to help. But by the end of the ride, I was driving it more like my old etron.

That’s about where the downside ended for me. I have previously said that the etron is the best car I ever owned because of the smooth ride. The EQS SUV takes it to another level. Bumps that even my etron couldn’t get rid of were imperceptible. While the acceleration from 0 is heavy, I found myself hitting 90 mph a few times without realizing it and had to slow down. It has a ton of power and the cabin is so quiet so it’s easy to think you’re going a normal speed.

The interior is really nice and spacious. I was coming from an XC90 which has comfy seats and lots of room but this one is better designed. Way more storage space and no weird bumps in the back that take up precious cargo or legroom. Given how quiet the cabin is, the sound system experience is also better (I had HK, not Bowers) because it’s not having to cancel out the road noise.

Lastly, the range is truly 300+. More than half of the 200 miles I’ve driven so far have been at 75mph+. I still have about 40% battery and 140 projected miles. I 100% would have been at the charging station with my etron by now. I might be able to go another week before going to EA for this one.

Hope this is helpful for folks. Anyone else who has been driving around in the EQS SUV, feel free to weigh in.


Super helpful write up. Thanks!

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For the MBUSA Inventory - if you are searching CPO and there is a 22 EQS or 23 EQS SUV or sedan that has mileage on it - is it automatically considered a loaner/demo and eligible for leasing? If not, is there a way to tell which one is a loaner/demo?

Or do you have to search New Inventory to find a demo/loaner?