NEW 2019 BMW M6. $1255 Per Month with $6172 DAS. DAS = Taxes, Fees, and First Month Payment

This is a new 2019 M6 Gran Coupe. MSRP of $134,695. Alpine White on Black (Comp Package, Park Assist, Executive Package)

This deal includes loyalty and lease credit

Dollar based residuals look :sob:

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Not hating on your deal, but that has to be the lowest residual I have ever seen. :joy::joy::joy:

It is probably accurate though

Can whoever leases this call me at lease end so I can buy it out from you? :wink:


So in July of 2023 this car will be worth 48k? It’s possible, to be fair it could go either way though depending on how this body style ages.

Edit: @Trato 49k for rough trade in, 52k for average trade in… maybe a bit under on the residual

Sad thing is, this is probably optimistic.

You’re not kidding

Yeah definitely. It’s pretty ridiculous but I’d figured I’d post in case someone was interested

GLWS. One of my favorite BMWs of all time.
I thought BMWFS ended lease support for 2019s back in June…
At $92k after discount, the price is lower than many of the used 2019 M6GCs…

Thanks. Someone will take it I think

Dealerships are allowed to lease these out at dollar based residuals. Check the LH calc link for the residual%.