[New 2019 BMW 330i] Need Help finalizing the lease


New 2019 BMW 330i

MSRP= $44250
Sales price = 37250 ($4,000 BMW Disc + $1,000 College Grad + $1,000 Conquest + $1,000 credit)
MF = .00165
Residual = 61%

Monthly payment: $487/mo including taxes with Zero down.

Is there room for more negotiation?

Also, there is a loaner car available for final MSRP of $35300 including dealer contributions and incentives (original MSRP: 44100). It has 4.8k miles on it. Can i negotiate more on this loaner? its already 20% in discount and incentives.

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Thank you, this community has been very helpful!

If you can’t get minimum 10 percent discount on a 330 prior to discount then you are leaving money on the table. Yes blah blah depends on market, but 10 percent is minimum in these threads

Use the search button. You can do a lot better.

On the new 3 (G20): 11-12% before incentives is a good target for a new car.

If you land at 10% and it makes sense to you, take it and be happy. For demos and loaners take the above and add ~1% discount per 1,000mi.