NEW 2018 X3 or X5 offers, 16% off from MSRP before rebates and incentives

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Trying to hack X3 and X5 for my friends
I know just 2 days left.
The dealer offers 16% off. Is it a good enough discount for new unit?

Seems rather aggressive for a new model IMHO

But this is for 2018

Still a good discount on those models brand new, even being 18s.

In not good situation, they have no layalty, no OL…

I need to pass on this . They have 2 units with that discount. If anybody wants to jump on this please let me know.

Doubtful you’ll get any higher on a 2018. A good discount on a loaner is 20%. Your expectations might be unrealistic

You might be right but i wanted deeper discount to compensate not having loyalty and OL.

Yup unrealistic. It is your fault that you don’t qualify so the dealer isn’t obliged to make up for it. Doubtful you will get any better than this. You’re likely shooting yourself in the foot by not taking it if this is what you want

Got the point, but his is not for me as I mentioned above.

@Jasseiek, Please pM me. I am trying to get a X5 for a family member.

PM sent
Good luck

If you could provide info would be appreciated. I’m looking for a x5.

I sent You a PM. Good luck

why does this thread feel like an undercover broker baiting in customers? :rofl:

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There is a sick looking spec 2018 x5 50 msport, black on black, even ventilated seats at Mt Laurel BMW in NJ.

$89k sticker. If someone wants a nice one and not a rock bottom stripper it’s probably the best around.

Not sure how they will do on price but it’s a fine looking ride. All support is about to drop in 36 hours so maybe they will play ball.

The same thing was when i was helping last fall with Honda Clarity.
I need to stop this. Sorry,
no more PMs. I need to rethink this and maybe ask for money

I am interested in X3. Could you share more details?