New 2018 mercedes c300

New 2018 Mercedes C300

**MSRP: $46970
**Selling Price: $39794
**Monthly Payment: $373 with tax
**Down Payment: $2197 (drive off)
**MSD: 4500
**Incentives: 1500

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10
**MF: .00016
**Residual: 59%

Is this a bad deal?

Not bad at all for a new car. Depending on the tax rate it’s probably sub 350 before tax.

What are the drive offs? 1st, acq and what else?

I did not get the drive-off itemized, but I think, first month, registration, and what looks to be a marked up acquisition

Get it itemized. Even after 1st and acq that’s another 8-900 there.

It also precludes any “mistakes” where they forgot to include something

I’m being quoted higher on a loaner. This seems pretty good.
I would ask for a breakdown of the $2197, you want to make sure there’s no cap cost in there.