New 2017 Giulia Ti AWD (Lusso) - just passing along info (Socal, 2 at dealership, $7k off MSRP + $4750 incentives)

Was negotiating with Socal dealership which had 2 new MY17 Giulia TI AWD (1 Vulcano black, 1 Silverstone, same options on each). Ended up closing with different dealership.

2017 Giulia Ti AWD (Lusso interior)

Best offer prior to closing with different dealer:
**MSRP: $47,440
**Selling Price: $40,440 (before incentives)
**Monthly Payment: $285+tax
**Down Payment: $1723 drive-offs (I was not trying to negotiate this vs monthly, so could probably be altered)
**MSD: 0
**Incentives: $4750

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: .000075
**Residual: 61

**Zip Code: socal (Los Angeles - Long Beach region)
**Leasehackr Score: 12-13 (depending how you do monthly vs drives)

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Do you have a breakdown on the $4750 in incentives? Thanks.

How are you leasing a 2017? I thought there was no lease support on 2017s

Don’t have breakdown.
Autobytel lists $2750 + $1000, I don’t know where last $1k is from.
They did send me screen shot of the leasing #'s (similar to others I’ve seen posted here). Clearly shows $40440 sales price and $4750 incentives. (plus MF/RV,etc)

These 2 at Champion AR in Downey, CA. Ask for Mitchell (he said I could put his name here).
FYI - I was there, test drove the Silverstone one.

There still is lease support for new MY17 Giulia. I just closed yesterday (Sat 19th, 2018) on mine. Ally Bank, 24mo/10kyr.

There are a handful of new MY17 in Socal (I found 5-7). But some dealerships wouldn’t offer decent deal and others didn’t have color I wanted (never contacted them).

I suspect incentives are avail for all. Nothing too special about them (not loyalty, not military, etc).
I had no current leases but do own 1 Jeep and 1 Nissan. Not sure how that might have secured final $1k.
I thought final $1k might be a very targeted incentive (Socal only? Certain dealerships, etc)

Why can’t this be anywhere remotely near South Carolina?!

Great deal…

How reliable is this car? I havent hear much about it. But rumor said that the engine break down, electrical, brakes and bluetooth has problem… can you confirm thanks

Most newly released vehicles have small issues, mine hasn’t had any, but I also don’t nit pick if my Bluetooth acts up once in 100 times. It’s a solid, fun car. If you plan on leasing your risk is minimal, that’s what warranty is for.

2k miles on mine and not a single issue, seems very well built.

What dealer was this? I’m trying to find a solid deal on a Ti Sport

Great job. I just visited Alfa Romeo in Boise to see if I could get a nice deal on Stelvio. The dealership is a volume seller and has a lot of discount for financing, but not for leasing. Couldn’t really understand how they ended up offering me $550 with $4,000 down payment, while they offered “no hassle, no haggle” price on Stelvio. They usually offer $10,000+ discount.

The sales manager said Alfa Romeo does not lease well-- but looking at this forum post, maybe there is some room for negotiation?

What do you guys think about the price there?

When it comes to the car, I actually felt that the car brake was so grabby, and transmission felt like a dual-clutch-- very jerky especially at lower speed. Lusso is the way to go!

Question: when deals are posted, is an incentive deducted from the selling price? For example, in this case, the final price of the car was 40400 - 4750 (35650)?
I noticed that in most threads there is advice to negotiate an n% discount before applying incentives, but I am confused about how that is reflected in deal postings.

In a word, no. Selling price = MSRP - Negoitated Selling Price - Incentives. They get tossed around in a bunch of weird ways because of the way leases get “fancily” structured.

Thank you, Jesus. Cookies.

The two 2017 Ti Lussos (original post) are at Champion Alfa Romeo in Downey, CA.
Ask for Mitchell.

I don’t know what their 2018 pricing is like.
I did negotiate MY18 a little with Orange Coast Alfa Romeo & Fiat (Sales rep Omar) and Ellis AR of Glendale. Some other forum members had reported getting good deals at those 2 locations. Both seemed reasonable to deal with but I didn’t get far enough along to really judge anything.

Thanks for the info… much appreciated!

BigFudge/Jesus - quick answer: for lease, its both discounts $47440 - $7000 - $4750 = $35690

For leases specifically, I think this forum defines selling price as the amount the dealer discounts the car before any incentives are applied. The incentives often becoming a cap reduction and/or covering drive-offs (seems dealers have some leeway how they apply incentives).
Since incentives can vary based on eligibility, listing them separate helps people with their initial MSRP negotiation target.

In my post above, for lease, the negotiated selling price is $7k off MSRP ($47k -> $40k) before incentives. Then the $4750 is applied as a CAP reduction (and/or covering some of the drive-offs). So, you are basically getting $7k off MSRP + $4750 additional discount.

Thanks, now it makes sense.

Thanks, I had that wrong! That’s a smoking deal!

is $595 still acquisition for Alfas when going through chrysler? Really close to a deal but they’re trying to list acq at $895