New 2017 BMW 540i lease

Hey Guys ,

New to the Leasing cars and need some suggestion.

I am being offered:
New 2017 540i

MSRP: 63,145
Sale Price: 55,900
3k Down and 701 per month to lease
36 months lease
10k miles/year
Sacramento, CA

I do not have MF, RV or MSD (Dont even know what they are) Tried going through the forum but may be i need to spend some more time to understand.

Does it sound good or should i walk away?

Appreciate your help.


rule of thumb, a good deal would be where your monthly payment is less than 1% of the MSRP of the car, without any down payment (i.e cap cost reduction).

Im assuming that the sale price includes incentives?? What is the 3K down?

plug in the numbers on the lease calculator and see what numbers you are getting.

Do you work for a large corporation? are you a recent grad? do you or anyone living in your house have BMW?

Is this including or not including the $2000 Lease Credit? You should double check that…

Hi Slol,

Thank you for the reply.
The sale price includes all kinds of benefits.

The 3k down has the first months lease payment and few other break down the rep told me.

All figures are inclusive of taxes

I am a large corporation and no…No previous BMW :frowning_man:

Hi AlwaysLi8,

Yes, it does include…
Unfortunately, i do not have the figures for the MF, MSD or RV at the moment

You’re only getting $5k off of the car then plus the $2k incentive. Looks like they are only going 2k’ish below invoice… you can do a lot better especially since its a 2017. If you need tips or help you can contact me here or my email address. Or to make it easier for you I can always sell you one but it may not make sense if you have to freight your car to you…

Where are you located?

very high monthly. should be under 600 i would think

@Apple_SID im in So Cal, Buena Park is the City.

Thank you smaide.
I thought so too. They got back with 3k and 674/month (inc. tax)

I am not quite keen on that car since its a basic 540i with just the premium package.
Can wait for a good deal.

I agree, not that great a deal. I got my 2016 550i from a dealer in the LA area. Although I’m in WA state (the luxury car dealers here are low volume and hold out for a lot). Things should be competitive as So. CA has so,eating like 27 BMW dealers to choose from.

I did some checking. RV and MF for 2017 5 series should be 61% and .00152 36 mos. 10k.

Thank you Suicidy for the info.

I will do some homework to see how that relates to the selling price.
Still not quite familiar with this calculations. But agree that the thread on how to calculate has explained in quite good detail…

It will be helpful if you could translate your numbers into the per month…Or it depends on some other numbers which i didn’t provide :frowning:

Really appreciate all the replies…It helps a big time…

Not withstanding sales tax, the other numbers you need are the MSRP and the selling price. Assuming you use a smartphone and/or tablet, I recommend a good lease calculator app. I use iLeaseMyCarPro on my iPhone. I assume it is also available on Andriod Marketplace. There are many fine alternatives to that app as well.

I’m far from a hackr but as someone still pretty new to leasing, just completed my second one, I suggest you really take advantage of the wealth of information on this forum. For instance,search out the information that explains the key points/ factors related to the lease payment such as MF and residual. Also, I found it useful to read lots of posts of others deals and the feedback. As I said I’m far from a hackr but after reading a lot of information on this site I felt much more well informed when I went looking for my second lease as opposed to the first when I focused only on whether or not the deal met the monthly payment I wanted. After the fact, in looking at this forum, I probably paid way more than I should have for my first lease. Good luck finding a car you like at a good price.

Thank you ReneL for the info.
They have already come down to 600’s /month but for a 2017 it seems still high and as others suggested…

Awesome forum :slight_smile:

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