New 2016 E 350 4 Matic Wagon

I’ve been trying to find a decent deal on a MB wagon, and this is what I found. It looks like there are some junk fees added to the quote as well as some cap cost reduction. 20% offf is ok, do you think 25% would be possible?

Sales advisor emailed and dropped another $1000 so another $27 off monthly payment.

seems very good price on 70k vehicle. 540 with tax and 0 down is pretty good

Well there is $1400 in cap reduction. But I wonder if more than 20% off MSRP is doable on this car. I guess only one way to find out… ask for more. :slight_smile:

Acquisition Fee minimum set by corporate is $795 you can ask them to match that.

On NADAguides, it’s saying that the sell price range for a 2017 E-Class Wagon with $71525 MSRP is $61,792 to $68052

Have you seen if the $14k includes all incentives or can you stack the fleet incentive. (I think it’s $3500 for the 2016 e class wagon).

The residual looks pretty good for a 2016. When I was talking to a guy in Richmond last week he said the 2016 demo they were trying to sell wouldn’t be worth leasing because the residual was so bad.

That’s for a new one, correct?

Yep it’s a new one. I’m self employed, so I don’t qualify for corp discount, that $3500 would be nice.

This is for a 2016 new. I’ll look it up to see. Thanks for the tip.

There are other ways to get fleet discount. Some options explained in posts towards the end of this thread: