Negotiation before factory order or at delivery?


I know this isnt really a lease hacking question, but I dont know where to ask. If someone with experience can answer, I’d greatly appreciate.

If I choose to factory order a vehicle (most likely a Mercedes GLC SUV or Coupe) do you negotiate the selling price of the car at the time of factory order or at the time of delivery?

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Before you order…


Thank you! [20 chars]

If I negotiate the lease & order a car in April but it isn’t delivered until May, will I receive April’s MF, RV, and promotions? Or May’s MF, RV, and promotions?

You get the MF, rebates etc… that are available when you take delivery of the vehicle.

Thanks for the clarification.

Definitely before dealers place an order for you car. Usually, they may even ask for $500 or so deposite especially if your car is with some non-popular options. So better agree on the transaction before that.

it depends on the lender…Last time I checked BMWFS allowed one to lock in for 60 days (90 for west coast).

Like @max_g and/or @senwia said. The only thing that stays the same in either case is negotiated sales price.

Thanks @max_g @senwia @eelnoraa @Ursus. There’s $2,750 in lease cash offered for April on the vehicle I’m looking at but my current lease isn’t up until mid-June (one payment left). I was trying to see if I could lock in April’s promotion and then factory order to delay delivery.

I’ll have to make a call on whether I want to get it early to lock in the promotion on a vehicle available now or roll the dice and wait. Again, I appreciate all the help!