Negotiating remotely vs in-person

I have a huge problem. I love cars. All cars. I’ve lost my a$$ and I’ve done very well when I get bored and move on to a new project. I’m bored again and looking at the new Tundras along with some other contenders. My question: Why do I need to sit in the sales managers office to negotiate a lease? Why can I not negotiate with a dealership that has the specific vehicle I am looking for and then travel to that dealership to complete the transaction? If this was Tundra specific I could somewhat understand. I am finding this same scenario with the other two vehicles I have in mind. I am only 5 or 6 years into leasing so maybe this is more common than I thought. I should add that most of the models I want are 2-5 hour drives.

You absolutely can. If you are working with a dealership that will not process things in that manner, move onto another dealer. The whole line about “come on in and we will work it out” is a waste of your time.

There are actually a number of dealerships, and I believe they are becoming more and more common, where one can buy/lease a vehicle without ever sitting foot in the dealership. Some dealers don’t even have any paperwork, it is all electronic.

I wouldn’t do it any other way

This has been discussed many times before. Search the forum for negotiation strategies

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