Negotiating for Jeep Grand Cherokee failed... do I take this?

So I found what I consider to be my dream car, and was pretty confident I could leave with a good deal after browsing this forum for the past week.

The car is a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude 4x4 with a V8 Engine and optional sound system added. MSRP is $57,225.

I went to the dealer hoping to get an offer of $500 a month with $4000 down. I would have signed on the spot if I got this. The offer I left with was:

  • $6,500 down
  • $568 a month (including VA tax, costs etc)
  • 10,000 miles / year
  • 39 months
  • MF = 0.0005, Residual = .49, Sales Price = $52,720

Considering my hopes I thought this was a horrible deal. The issue is, there is not a single High Altitude within 100 miles of me with the same specs (white exterior, V8, sound package). So now I’m stuck. When they gave me that price after an hour of negotiation and would not go lower, I got up and left and told them I was not even going to think about it (so numbers might be slightly off due to the rage). But little did I know that dream car is nowhere else to be found.

I guess what I want to learn is, is this a lease deal I can swallow my pride for? I really thought they should be able to go down with the sales price but they refused. I would be trading in a vehicle, which they appraised at $12,000 but agreed to go up to $14,000. Then again, Audi and Acura have already offered me $13,800 with lease deals that look much better (but those cars are not as nice as this one imho).

Here is the window sticker for those interested:

Thank you in advance for your help!

You have not been paying attention to this site. DONT PUT MONEY DOWN ON A LEASE.


That’s fair, I figured I’d do it if it made the trade in easier. Think I should email asking for a new quote with $0 down? That monthly fee is going to be insane considering this on its own was over $550.

This is an AWFUL lease. Run away. Read on here for a few more weeks then try again.


Not a good deal at all on a Jeep GC, shop around and don’t cough up so much money down.

Not many dealers are stocking High Altitudes, and you are looking at the 2019 model which just came out, there wont be any discounts on that.

4K down is too much for a GC High altitude.

Try the Limited X (different from Limited) trim which is being offered in 2019 models and it also has the Hemi engine option, you get more options with this and better deals.

Let me know how it goes.

  1. How do you come up with the offer you wanted though? Is this just you or based on factual calculations, pricing other people have gotten, rebates, etc.
  2. No point in being emotional which it seems you are. Hacking a lease is contributed to many factors and other than mf being low the rest seem to be against you.
  3. Delaer probably saw how much in love you are and decided not to throw everything at you. Plus if there is a trade in, it could be more complicated process since they dont want to lose money on both ends or make only so much due to trade in complications. They upped it 2k and probably upped the money you putting on the jeep.
  4. I might be wrong on this but for jeeps once it goes beyond a 53k price then its MRM that comes into effect. You have to google that.

Hacking and getting exactly what you want is even lower probability. You have to decide what is more important.


That down payment makes your monthly roughly $740. That’s absolutely insane for this car. Research this site a bit more before trying again, you can also have another dealer order you exactly what you want, since no one around you has what you want in stock. That’s how I got my last two grand Cherokee’s. You could also see about hiring a broker but listen to what everyone’s saying, run don’t walk away from that dealer.

Contact a broker. Don’t overthink this.


agree with smass, speak to broker they can at least give you a realistic idea of how low you can get the car for.


Before you commit to a car like this, see this…
For that payment you can literally get an Infiniti QX80.

I had dealer order mine last month at the following price.

I picked it up on November 30th.
Came out to about $600 a month for 36/10 with everything rolled in except first month payment


Seek a broker on here and pay them their worth plus save your hard earned money.

That’s a horrible deal - I have a 2018 GrandCherokee High Altitude ($52k MSRP$) for $520 a month $1k down 36 months leased 12 months ago next week- I owe $38k , and my KBB is $37,800 only 5,500 miles - I am looking for a Hemi 5.7 this time , and this is my 5th FCA product in 28 months . Looking for a killer deal on a 2018 again immediately !? Any thoughts?

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@Levofb1907 use a broker like @nyclife. You will get a much better deal.


Thank you so much for all your replies! They were extremely helpful. @funtik your quote was amazing because I was able to use it as a price ‘I know others have got.’

I just signed at fake $0 down (around $1500 up front for incidental fees, which includes international shipping of documents and title replacement for old vehicle), $568 a month for everything included, on a High Altitude in Black without the V8 engine (but everything else, sound system etc.). Tax is higher where I am so that’s also a consideration, and they also bumped up my trade in to $14,500. This was a different dealer (closer to home!). Sure, it’s not the best deal but all in all it is one I felt comfortable with.

Really appreciate all the feedback I received. Can’t thank everyone on here enough!

Edit: This was also 12,000 miles a year and not 10,000

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Wait so you put down $14,500 from your trade in?


Oh man… I really hope not! I can see how this could have gone… “So if we beat this quote you brought in from the “Lease Hackers”… You’ll sign right now?”

I mean 5-6% off invoice on Grand Cherokee is as much you can expect to get I think.
Its just incentives are not as good on 2019 models as they are on 2018 at the moment. Actually December numbers are even lower. I got $3500+500 loyalty. Right now its $2500

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I get that… The discount is what it is. I just hope that he didn’t put his trade down as Cap cost reduction! This would officially be worse than that Accord deal from awhile back.