Needing suggestions on shopping for a deal for a luxury brand SUV in NJ area

I feel like I am doing this backwards but would prefer to find a great deal on a luxury SUV than be specific with the brand. Trying to keep the price as low as possible since we have another luxury SUV we are financing and hate the idea of two car payments. It seems that Audi seems like a popular option right now but would appreciate any opinions.

Check the shared deals and marketplace listing to see what interests you and fits your budget. There’s really nothing else we can do to help you here.

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You missed the boat on e-tron or Q5e. Q7s weren’t even a deal last month.

2020 MDX, QX50 seems good. Not sure which Lexuses. Not much else.

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Story of my life! Thanks for your reply. I will check out the 2020 MDX, QX50. Thank you!

Surf through marketplace filtered for NJ and you’ll find plenty of dealers and brokers with offers for the models I mentioned and others.