Needed: Simple Cargo Management Solution for a Giant Trunk (BMW 750i)

The trunk of my 750i is the size of a studio apartment.

It’s so big I can’t put a few bags of groceries back there, or everything spills out of the bags and rolls all over Hell’s Half Acre on the way home.

With nothing better to do on this flight, I just spent 20 minutes on Amazon looking for some sort of an organizer for the trunk. I was bored by the time I clicked the third link.

I don’t need (or want) anything with 300 pockets… I just need something to corral 3-6 bags of groceries for 5-6 minutes.

Suggestions? From where the anchors appear to be located, a cargo net wouldn’t work very well.

A carton box

I want something that will stay in place. Perhaps a box with Velcro on the bottom…

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Will stay in place when loaded and on a plastic tray. More or less. At least keeps everything in one place

If had great success with thes in my b7 Alpina.

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That’s about what I had in mind.

Three wide, long sides perpendicular to the bumper (I’ll have to measure).

Velcro underneath.

No velcro. But, you can add velcro tape strips. I really doubt you’ll need the velco. The overall weigh will hold in place. And, best part is they are collapsible for easy storage.

Right, I was considering adding it. But if it isn’t necessary, even better.

Sounds like an AirBNB opportunity!


what about the cargo nets that comes in Lexus vehicles. That’s a handy accessory that I miss now that i am back in a BMW. Amazon does sell some universal cargo nets.

Harbor Freight…

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I already ruled those out… unless there are other anchors that I haven’t noticed.

A net would just hold things to the floor. I don’t think the hot dog buns would be in very good shape by the time I got home.

Get one of these,

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I had no idea they had stores in the San Diego area… I’m en route now. I like the fact that I could look at these in person.

Thank you.

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i meant the envelope ones like in link, i love these, this is what all Lexus comes with, just more sturdier, better quality. 3 years with my old lease and zero issues and holds everything in place even at high speeds.

I don’t think my vehicle has places to clip the net so the net is vertical like that.

I’d run out and look but I’m in the Admirals Club at DFW. :stuck_out_tongue:

A cargo net IS my preference, so I’ll have my spouse check tomorrow. Thank you.

Get a cargo bar and put a couple crates in front of that.

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  • Grab hand basket from favorite store, place groceries in hand basket.

  • Walk to car with hand basket, place in vehicle.

  • Repeat until you have an appropriate amount of hand baskets or you’ve run out of money for groceries.

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:joy::joy::joy: that’s hilarious

Ps the 7 series has one hook in the upper left, you’re good for 3-4 bags. The other two bags can go in the cabin lol.

In my 7, I use a box like tony posted. Keeps all the dildos in place