Need to ship a car, heavy machinery, or goods across the US & Globally? Text or Call 818-452-5661 for a rate!

Fellow Hackrs,

We are pleased to announce to our friends in the lease hackr community that we are providing services of shipping automobiles, heavy machinery, and goods across the Nation and Globally. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is new, used, old, exotic, etc. We are licensed, bonded, and have over 13 plus years of experience in the shipping industry. If you are in the need of our services please email, text, or call us for a rate at 818-452-5661. For faster communication, please text or call us, you may also reach us via email at




Much dealings w/Central Dispatch?

We don’t primarily work with the general public, because we have our own private clients we have been servicing over the years. But as of late we have decided we want to make our services available to our friends here within the lease hackr community.

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