Need to sell 20 more Audi's by 9 PM tonight!

Happy New Year to my LH community !!

Please let me know if you or anyone is looking for cars with no ADM


Must take delivery by tonight at 9 . CA residents only

RS cars excluded of course :slight_smile:



dammit :rofl:

best of luck though!


:eyes: in-transit All Road :heart_eyes:

If that S5 Cabriolet in Distinct Green runs for mayor, it has my vote :star_struck::sunglasses:

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Beautiful car. Haven’t seen any of the A6 in-person yet, but we have a few A4 variants in the neighborhood. Last gen model, still looks stunning.

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Is there a list of cars somewhere?

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Thank you. High level are the calculators structured as good as some of your precovid deals? I am still regretting not pulling the trigger on your s8 deal.

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Are you doing E-tron deals like you were earlier in the year?

MSRP no ADM on etrons

i know that was a sick deal @999

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Any deal on either of the A8L’s?

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Is the FJ Audi in Illinois in the same boat?

I don’t know you have to ask them


Good news guys … some of Sam’s SQ5s have real exhaust pipes …

rare birds that people can’t make fun of your car.


Hi Sam, any deals on this

What deals do you have for q7 36mos @15k?

any offers on e-trons?

Looking for a q7

Numbers for an A3 36mo / 15k?

Lease 36/10k on * Stock: NA008252 with Audicare?