Need some unbiased advice

Forget about BMW loaners if you want the equivalent of Honda Sensing. Look at Toyota (TSS standard I think) and Subaru with Eyesight. Maybe VW as well.

Keep in mind this is a base 320i with very little equipment. Primarily for those that are buying the badge. Start adding equipment or bumping to the 330i, and you’re into the mid/high 3s very quick.

Look at corolla xse or ch-r. I think you can get those for around $300. And toyota safety sense is standard.

I think I will go look at Subaru’s. I really like them, I just don’t know much about the models, except that all their cars are AWD

You can’t get a moonroof on a Corolla. I will take a look at the ch-r, thx

I should correct what I said. You can’t get a moonroof on a Corolla Hatch. I saw a commercial with a Corolla with a moonroof.

You can easily option a 330 to hit the 50s even.

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Is that BMW jargon? Like you can get a 330 in the 50K range?

So I actually drove a Dodge Charger SXT Plus w/Blacktop, Technology, Navigation and the Sun & Sound group. The sticker is $40,170. I noticed that the car had almost 4000 miles on it. In just the few days of joining this site, I went to the “Share Deals” forum and read about deals on Dodge Challenger/Charger, that they are giving them away. I just drove the car, when I saw the sticker I knew I wasn’t ready to talk numbers until I posted to this site. I really want to keep my equity from my Si, even if its only $1500-2500. Any recommendations on what I could ask for from the Dodge people?

No, it’s not jargon. If you look at @mp11477’s post and the context it should be obvious.

1500-2500 is great equity on a lease. The best method is to completely separate the two transactions. Sell your SI to carmax/carvana/vroom for the highest price and have them cut you a check.

Then negotiate for a lease and use the equity for drive offs or get a sign and drive and pocket the money.

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Not really, I completely understood his post, and the others because earlier in the thread this was posted: “BMW 3 and MBZ C cars”. And then, the term 320i and even 330i were all posted. But well, to the new people here some things are pretty obvious, and some things are better left to be asked. Especially when I created the forum for help. If I don’t understand something, I’m going to ask. If its not jargon, then google both topics: google, 330 in the mid 50’s and THEN google 330i in the mid 50’s and see what results you get.

Ummm that’s a behemoth of a car compared to a Corolla, you’re sure that’s what you want to live with for 3 years? And it has the same safety features as TSS and Sensing?

You’re 100% right, it is a behemoth of a car. I’m so turned off by this entire car search that I am literally looking at every car out there.

That’s a way to make yourself insane. Stick to a small criteria group like Toyota cars with TSS and Subaru with Eyesight. Narrowing your search will make things much easier.

Since you already have an Si - what about an Accord Sport 2.0T 6MT? They don’t lease well (no reason to lease instead of finance) but purchase prices are 27-27.5k. Cheaper still would be the Sport 1.5T 6MT for 23-23.5k. Or the new Si which has been leasing quite well when Honda offers some lease cash on it or can be bought for ~22k.

I’ve thought about getting another Si, but I want to wait until the 2019’s come out. I know this sounds crazy, but if you have used Honda’s Infotainment system w/o Volume and/or Scan buttons, it can get very frustrating. I’ve had the car 3 years and I still never touch the Infotainment system. The Accord has an upgraded version, but Honda got rid of the Accord Coupe and that was my go to car before I got the Si. I’m going to take a look at the Kia Stinger, and see if I can pull the money together to get into that car. Out of all the cars I’ve checked out, that is far and away my favorite. I’m just not sure if I can pull it off. I think i’m going to have to get lucky and try to find one that has farts as you guys call it on this site.

So I have made a decision, i just need to hear from the experts. I am going to sell my Civic Si. Here’s my issue. I spoke with Honda Financial Services and my buyout is $14,049. Carvana has offered me $16,373. Thats $2324 and I will start over with Honda. My only issue is when I spoke with HFS they told me that Carvana would have to pay $14,423, but if I sell to Honda then $14,049 is the payoff. I’m having a hard time understanding this. They’re charging me a $350 + tax fee, for what? It can’t be a disposition fee, thats for Honda to clean up the car, right? So what could it be? $2324 is nice, taking $380 from that is kind of a let down. Should I go to Honda and sell it to them? Telling them that I am going to lease a 2019 Civic when they get them in stock? I can’t see why they wouldn’t match the Carvana quote, they already said they’d give me $16K for it when I was shopping for a new car. I’m going to get a new car from them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This is what Honda does, someone talked about it recently. $350 is the buyout fee, I think. In any case, you are making 2k on it - be happy.

For the amount of time I’ve spent, every penny counts. My fantasy football team has suffered because of this.
So its the buyout fee, that makes absolutely no sense, but you are right. If I sell it to Honda, then I won’t get charged a buyout fee? I gotta think if I walk into Honda tomorrow and tell them to match Carvana and somehow separate the two deals I think they’ll do it. But how do I separate the two deals???