Need some unbiased advice

I don’t know why I chose dealer as the subject.
I’m new to this site, but I really need some advice. I posted in other areas, but I think I’m in the right spot now. So I have a 2015 Civic Si coupe with 24K miles on it. I’m on a 36/36/$271 with No money down and two payments left. One due in a week and then one more. I just got a Carmax quote for $16500 and the buyout is $14,100. So obviously I have been looking at getting a new car, specifically the 2018 Civic Hatch Sport Touring, but they’re asking way way way to much. I was led to believe that with my low mileage and equity that the dealership wanted it (which they definitely wouldn’t mind having on the lot) and would give me the Civic Hatch for the same 36/36/$271. They asked for $2000 down, and $375/month + my Si. I just about lost it. Whether i’m wrong or not is inconsequential to the advice I am seeking. Should I just take the $2k+ (I could use it, I do need to buy a new Central A/C Unit for my Home) and wait for the 2019 Civics to come out? I only want the Sport Touring because of the Honda Sensing, which is standard on Accords and all 2019 Civics. Is getting the hatch for 36/36/$271 a possibility maybe when the 19’s arrive? I test drove the Optima and fell in love with the Stinger. I don’t have to stay with Honda. But, I would like to get a hatchback, with the advanced safety features. Any good deals? I’ve looked at the Gti, Focus St. and Subaru’s (I like all of them) even starting looking at the MiniCoopers. I just want a fun car like the Si was with a payment of $300 or so. I’m open to any and all suggestions.

Well, first off, make sure you also get vroom and carvana quotes on your car.

What would you do in the meantime for transportation if you waited?

What state are you in?

And if you only used 8k/yr, why pay for unused miles on the next one?

Part of your problem is you want a Touring. Every single Touring level Honda I have seen on here qualified for a “Worst Lease” nomination.


Thats a good question. I had ACL surgery, a couple of years ago, so I was sidelined a while. I’m sure I missed out on thousands of miles because of it.
I thought about “the meantime” for transportation. I thought I could use Uber. And I also think that I’m actually looking at more expensive cars because of a couple of thousand dollars. This is one reason I posted on this site. What cars out there could I get with the same type of setup I have now?

I specifially said that I really don’t want the Touring. It just so happens that Honda Sensing comes with the Touring, and on every other Hatch its $1000 option. I’ve even found myself looking for a Hatch EX with Honda Sensing and I can’t find one. I can find EX-L-Navi. But I can’t find EX-Sensing. Oh, and my one must have is a moonroof.

Yes this ^ - don’t use CarMax as your resale price.
Go online to Vroom and Carvana and enter your VIN & condition to get a better view of your current resale value.

From there, go outside your area and find dealers even in other nearby states who would value your lease turn in, better terms, and lower payments.

I’d say the $2K down is to be avoided.

First of all, you need to find a car that you like and deal with that one without tradein. Going to carmax is a good idea to see how much they will pay for your car now but kinda pointless if you are not selling within 7 days. And who knows how much your car is worth when 19’s come out or 2 months from now. You can go back a week from now and carmax lowball you for 14k because 100 other people around the country sold their civic si to carmax a week ago. Of course that is an exageration but you know what i mean.

I honestly have no idea what Honda Sensing is, but each of these has a moonroof:

If you want a hackr deal you might have to compromise on something, if want a sunroof, sense or equivalent, a hatch and then throw in a certain color, you might be SOL. Maybe a 3-series loaner would work, not a hatch though.

Honda Sensing is that lane departure warning, collision avoidance, blind spot warning, etc… crap that is on cars these days. It’s just their cute name for it.

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OP - you also need to look at the Camry XSE. I heard they are wonderful!!!


The Camry XSE for me? Isn’t that the top of the line version? Its pretty $$$ no?

Thank you so much for your advice. What do you mean by a 3-series loaner? As in a BMW loaner? How would that work? I don’t have to have a hatch. I just really need to have a sunroof.

Thank you so much. I’ve actually looked at both of those cars. Could I avoid money down AND keep my Si equity?

You can do whatever you want, just tell the dealer sign and drive, and wherever you sell the car to, have them cut you a check.

Can you elaborate on the 3series loaner? I’m not sure what that even means

Search on here, there’s a million posts. They come with farts too, so maybe a sunroof is a good idea. There’s literally one posted right now for $199

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If you really only want the hatch, then understandable, but theres many other great deals which can be had for the $275 price.

It’s possible to get good/great lease deals on cars that were used as service loaners by dealers. They’re leased as if they are new (sorta), but with a steep cut in the MSRP. Seems to be common with BMW 3 and MBZ C cars.

Look at the “Share Deals” forum for examples. Recently someone got a 320i for next to nothing, IIRC

I will take a look at that forum. I never really thought of myself as a “BMW” owner, but if I can get something around $300, then maybe its worth looking at.