Need some help with leases on 2 different brands

Hi guys new user here , I’ve been doing a lot of research and ultimately have my eyes set on either a 340/440 x drive with m tech package or a q50/60 red sport awd…I’m looking to be in the mid 5’s hopefully less(12-15k mileage is ideal)…I will be trading in a car unfortunately it has negative equity (about 3k) …I’m not looking to put anything down just sign and drive …I live in New Jersey and don’t mind a little drive if some dealers want to reach out to me . Can anyone help me , is what I’m asking reasonable or crazy.

Sounds like you need to reach out to one of the brokers here.


The BMWs probably wont happen unless you put decent money down. 3k upside down os about $90 a month for 36 months. You would be extremely lucky to get a 340 at 500 a month, then add 90 on that. I can’t find one for me less than 540ish.

The Infiniti is probably a possible though, they seem super cheap or were last month.

Thanks man how would I reach out to one on here ?

That’s what I figured to but maybe since I own one currently they could do a loyalty program but I doubt the numbers work cause I would have to get at least 15 percent off msrp

The sedans are going to be cheaper than the coupes you listed. Last month I’d say Q50 RS, they aren’t as good this month though

Ok great thanks any idea of how long I should wait ?

There is a dealer broker section that lists them.

Best information I can give you is I have a 2017 Q50 Luxe AWD from Douglas in Summit and pay $329. $3k drive off. Given your preferences it might be underpowered, but I have zero complaints about the look or performance. Also, somebody posted a separate thread re: Red Sport for $320/month, search the new topics.

Yeah guess you understand me already :joy:… 329 is a good price I actually don’t live that far from Douglas either

I have 2 car seats in the back of mine for my co-pilots, so coupes are not ideal in my situation. GL