Need Separate Section for Cars under $300 and over $300 per month

I’ve been browsing this site for years. Nowadays its almost all BMW talk, all day, with other luxury cars thrown in for good measure. while thats fine with me, Im a BMW fan, many friends I’ve shown the site to can’t make heads or tails out of how to use it, nor how to simply find the most affordable leases at the moment on any given month and in their region, of course.

Just a thought.


That’s because that’s not exactly the philosophy. It’s really how to understand the factors of a lease deal one can manipulate and how to break down any particular offering to see what’s left to improve.

There is no section called “Cheapest Leases of the Moment in any Given Region” and that’s kinda by design.

The art of really tearing apart a lease isn’t for everyone, and for that reason, brokers post some pretty awesome deals here.

Also, just my opinion.



What if you can hack BMWs for under $300?


How about just searching Share Deals section?


It’s simply not possible to do this. Deals can be regional and heavily dependent on many factors, not the least of which is the term of the lease. BMW deals are popular because BMWFS incentives are national. But there’s a huge difference between someone only qualifying for standard lease cash vs standard cash + grad + OL + loyalty.

If your friends don’t want to put the effort into understanding how to hack their own lease deal on the car they want, recommend to them that they hire a broker in their region.

The end!


The talk is usually focused on whatever the best deal is, it seems like people come to this site for whatever the “deal” is. It just happens to be that bmw’s are the deal lately. Just today someone posted a 440 for under $250. All things equal, most people on this site or anyone would rather lease a $40k or $50k then a $25k for the same payment. When I was looking to replace my Jetta last winter, I could have gotten a Jetta SE for more than a "loaded":joy: 320i, it was a no brainer to go with the bimmer(even without android auto)


The idea of the site isn’t to spoon feed people with which dealer to call to get a cheap payment. It’s to give people the understanding of what is possible so they can work a deal themselves. Granted, there’s always going to be someone looking for the easy out, and ask to “pm the dealer info,” but that’s really not the overall philosophy or intent.

As others have mentioned, there are a number of variables involved (regional discounts, qualifying criteria, etc), it’s not so cut and dry.


Consider that BMW has one of the more generous lease programs and it’s not hard to see why this often times seems more like BPost.

Folks, Im not saying I dont love this site, I do. But Im also a nerd who loves calculating numbers and shopping for deals.
Im just providing some laymen’s feedback. Ive sent multiple friends to this site and most can’t figure out its layout nor, how to simply find which manufacturer is promoting the heaviest, ie best deal for the current month. Most people know dealers lie, dealers cheat, and that there are good deals to be had but have no idea where to turn. Most I spoke to dont event know there is such a thing as a Lease Broker.
So yes, the information is there once you figure out how to search, etc. but, that isn’t the point. The point is extreme ease of use, always improving UI/UX, gaining subscribers, and helping keep Leasehackrs a great success as I, personally, love the site and want to see it around for years to come.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. While Leasehackr isn’t set up to provide a one-click lease solution to consumers, we can certainly be more resourceful in navigating newbies through the site. We have been thinking of rolling out instructional videos on how to make the best out of the site and perhaps on the art of leasing in general – why it is the way it is, what to expect, and the amount of work involved. We find laymen’s confusion and frustration often stem from the expectation gap; once they have a general understanding of the art, they can choose the best avenue to obtain their lease based on the work they want to put in. We have even been flirting with the idea of a more structured deal page (which would incorporate your under/over $300 suggestion) so laymen can have a quick glimpse on what is available out there before digging deeper into the research and bargain. We would love to hear your suggestions on how to make Leasehackr more accessible to first-time users!


Can’t split that way because the same car from the same state and same msrp could be < $300 for one person and > $300 for another based on MF, sales price and incentives.


The same can be said for taxes. How can you compare a no-tax state, such as NH, to a state like VA or TX? You also have the dichotomy between states that simply tax the payment, or states that tax almost everything, i.e. NY or NJ. Then, some states have a luxury tax (a $50,000 car may be $300 but it could go over with luxury tax), and others have a property/excise tax (VA, CT, and MA, for instance).

Also, doc fees come into play. NY is $75, CA is $80, but FL is almost always at least $799, as is VA. That can add $20+ to a payment.

Then you have to compare a 7,500 mile lease to 12,000 or 15,000. It’s a 4% residual difference from 7,500 to 15,000, which is about $60 a month on a $50,000 car.

look at you with your big fancy words :smiley:


25¢ words!

I can get all lawyer-y speak if you want! I feel like dichotomy is pretty mainstream these days, or maybe it’s just me. Haha.


I tell a very old joke about waking up after a night of partying and having to tell my friend Josh to get his dichotomy.


Thank you for your reply. I fully understand how to navigate the site now but, my friends still ask me for help all the time, lol. There is definitely a learning curve if you’re new to leasing. If you’re a lease pro, you can more easily make sense of things.

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