Need recommendations - 2 cars (crossover/suv and sedan), total under $550

Hi LHackers -
I am looking to lease 2 cars… a crossover/suv and a sedan. Both 12k/36months. I’d prefer a japanese or german car.
To give you an idea, some of the cars that I’ve considered lately are - infiniti q70, acura tlk, honda accord, honda crv, honda hrv, mazda 3, vw passat, 3 series.
I am fairly open to anything and would like to make sure that I get a solid deal.

Grateful to this site for making the whole process to easy to understand and discuss…
Just based on my research I’ve created a fairly accurate spreadsheet / calculator that gives me my monthly payments based on the deal numbers. Happy to share it with whoever might need it…

Looking fwd to hearing your opinions.

Thanks in advance!

Sure, post your spreadsheet to Google Docs or something similar…

Some quick observations:

If you like the Passat, you may try the Jetta (it’s quite spacious inside, definitely more so than other cars you’re considering such as Mazda 3, HRV, etc.)

Lately Toyota seems to be leasing better than Honda, so try their equivalents of the Accord, CRV, etc.

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