Need rates on a 2017 Mercedes S550

Looking for 36 month 10k, 12k & 15k miles a year money factor and residuals on a 2017 Mercedes S550 Sport

49% - 15k
Add 2% for 12k
Add 3% for 10K

Base money factor is .00130

How about on the 2016’s? Thanks in advance.

I think it will change for the best in a few days.

Ill let you know.

Any updates rates on the 2016’s??

2016 S550

24/10K: 59% residual, .00036 MF
36/10K: 51% residual, .00036 MF

Does anyone have January rates for 2016 S550 RWD (24 and 36 months)?

I think there is some really generous Corp fleet lease cash (FEP) on the 2016 S550. If you work for a big company, you can get $10,500. That too shabby… I guess it could potentially drop the monthly by almost $300 on a 36 month lease. Not sure if it expired on Jan 3rd. Worth looking into if you qualify.


By my understanding there’s also a bunch of dealer cash on that model and the two are not combatable. It’s one or the other, I tried to see if this was possible to combine that with a heavy discount and nada, every dealer told me the same thing unfortunately.

Interesting. What sort of discounts were you seeing if you opted for the fleet incentive?

Well without mentioning a fleet incentive, I was able to negotiate off up to 17%. And from what I gathered the dealer cash is almost as much as the fleet incentive so it kinda a moot point. Would be kinda sick if they were, would of been making a 120kish car for around $600ish a month, but one can dream right…

What was your final monthly and drive offs?

Just under 1k a month, with security deposits and minimal drive offs.

Really not terrible for a $110k car, but better value out there unless you really want a super luxury sedan and have $1k a month to burn. Now, for $600, count me in.