Need opinions on leasing Q60?

Looking to lease a Q60coupe from Infiniti.

The blackfriday sales looks awesome in the website, what do you guys think?

It says $299 with $3699 due at signing. I need tips on how to tackle down the down payment.

The downpayment is part of the “deal”, that is the reason why they can advertise the $299/mo price. Just doing a straight up $3,699/39 month (it is likely not the entire $3,699) adds $95/mo to the $299/mo (so already at $395/mo) and then you have to add tax.

If you want a “good” deal, you need to do the calculations from the MSRP, residual, etc. Consensus here is monthly payment should be < 1% MSRP (including tax) with close to $0 down. MSDs are OK for buying down the MF

Thanks for the tip. However does it apply to 10k/15k/18k miles per year?

Thanks for the info. So it’s essentially a wrong deal?
What if I can cut the down payment to $2000?

@vizkid this is just a “rule of thumb” for 36/10k or 36/12k (for “top tier” ~740 credit). There are folks here getting way better deals if you are willing to work for it – this means a lot of research, really understanding what each lease “terminology” means, how the numbers work backwards and forwards (so you can negotiate), being flexible with options and for some hard core folks here means going out of state to pick up your car.

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It’s not a “wrong” deal, it is just hard to evaluate whether it is good or bad. Most of the folks here want the best deal (I think more “the principle” and treat it like a game). Some people here end up paying $80-100 more per month understanding that they do not like to negotiate so to each his own. This forum is a place to learn how leases work and how much work you want to put in to get a good deal.