Need Opinion - QX50 lease

This is what I have from GA dealer-

2017 QX50 prem and prem plus package: 39 months, 10k/yr

MSRP - $38,545
Discount - $7,300
CC - $31,245
Tax - $2,283
Dealer Fee - $599
Title, License, GT, ETL - $111
Total Price = $34,238
Net Residual - $23,898
MF - 0.00006

Drive off - $327 (in. tax)

Any opinions/feedback.


As it stands it is a good deal. Now people getting higher discounts on the q50 with higher msrp but not sure if same discounts can be applied to the qx50.

Mind PMing me the name of the dealer/salesperson? I’m looking for something similar and that sounds much better than what I’ve been seeing locally.

You can get lower. Just got 15k premium plus $46k… Much lower

Sorry q50. Missed that

Can someone post Infiniti QX50 Jan numbers. MF and residual for 10K,12K on a 39month lease.

QX50 Base

39 months/12K miles
MSRP: $37,430
$500 due at signing (includes first payment)
$330 a month all inclusive
State NJ (7% Tax)

Dealer will cut me a check of $1050 towards ending my current lease.
How do these numbers look?

Not as good as OP deal. His deal includes dealer cutting a check for 2283 in GA state taxes and lower payment :slight_smile:

Not sure that is the case. The dealer is most likely capitalizing the taxes into the lease, as many would do for an “upfront tax” state.

OP’s lease cost: 39*$327 = $12,753
@baggy lease cost: $500 + $38*330 - $1,050 = $11,990

(assuming my quick math is correct)

Not that the OP should feel bad, IDK GA’s tax rate but just by virtue of being a ‘tax on full price’ state, his tax bill be much higher. If it’s roughly double Baggy’s tax bill of ~900, that explains almost all of the difference.

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Can you please pm me dealer details? Sounds like good deal. Did you try if they will go any lower?

This was with VPP certificate…on 4 Jan and that was an year end for infinity.

I did not sign the deal. It was at Circle Infinity.
Evan quinones was the sales guy.