Need new SUV lease in NY/NJ/PA



My wife has a Lexus RX 350 lease that runs through October of 2020. It’s 12k per year but she is already 12k over lease allowance and 4 months left on the lease. When we got this lease they seemed to forgive extra 4k in miles she had on previous RX 350 lease and we are getting emails from the same dealership that they would waive remaining 4 payments and disposition fee.

  1. Is there a Lexus program to waive payments or dealership will just roll remaining payments into the new lease.
  2. Does disposition fee include penalty for mileage? Who eats the losses if extra miles are actually forgiven?
  3. We would consider Highlander or other SUV if not a concern for the extra miles. Would leasing a Toyota make Toyota Financial forgive extra miles?


A pull ahead is a manufacturer program but often times dealers will just tell you that to get you to show up and bundle your remaining payments in with their costs. BMW had that program at very selective times but I’m not sure if Lexus has that Program, the brokers would know.

Don’t expect them to forgive 12k miles. They may have been OK rolling your previous mileage into your deal but your best bet is to stick with another Lexus and be prepared not to get a bottom dollar deal.

However if she is over her mileage by 12k what gives? Did you get 10k when you needed 15k per year? Or did you just blow way over? If so consider not leasing at all. Owing them $3k for mileage isn’t a good situation to put yourself in. You’re basically paying for an Uber at this point.

Thanks! She had a 12k per year but got job as a home care nurse and went over miles. Using my car did not work due to her back problems. We are considering purchasing it if Lexus does not actually forgive mileage or last 3 payments.

Would you recommend getting a broker from the same region? How much are they usually paid?

Broker fees vary from none to 799 depending on the cost of the car. Some use a dealer pays them format, while most get paid by you.

Nyclife’s Quentin is awesome, he does Lexus and he’s who you should ask if you want a new Lexus. I think he charges in the neighborhood of 499 via Venmo, worth every cent.

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I had a two year lease on a 2016 RX350. A few months before the lease was up, I got a certificate from Lexus that said they would waive up to 3 payments if I purchased or leased a new Lexus. Unfortunately, the 2018 RX350s did not come out until 1 month before the lease was up. I did get one month waived. I think the certificate has a serial number on it and there was some paper work to sign when I purchased the 2018 to proved I was eligible. If it comes from the dealer, it is probably a marketing come on. Call Lexus or look on the website for your lease payments to see if the offer is from Lexus.

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Can a purchase price on leased Lexus be renegotiated or it’s what in the contract?

Contract. It’s very rare to hear a lease lien holder to negotiate buyout value. The only other way is for a dealer to purchase at auction and sell to you, which they won’t especially if below market value, for little profit.

I received personal certificate from LFS to waive 4 payments and disposition fee. Looks like Lexus lease cash for my region is $2750 and there is a $1000 loyalty. So with this all I probably will lease another Lexus rather then getting a top of the line Highlander.

$3750 + getting out of the lease without putting even more miles on sounds attractive. Yes, they might try to add your remaining payments into your new lease, which you have to be careful of and evaluate if you think it is justified and a good deal. However, keep in mind that every mile is coming in at a high cost right now.
Just remember to make your next lease terms more appropriate for your wife’s driving.

My understanding is that in my case Lexus paying remaining 4 payments given that it’s a personal certificate from LFS. I will keep it separate from price negotiations until we decide other terms

Does she need the RX, the NX has very attractive lease programs this month.

@radiologym definitely stay with Lexus, going off brand will cost you a disposition fee & wouldn’t be able to pull you ahead. If your shoot me a text I can run some numbers in the morning for you. We don’t charge any broker fee we make the dealer pay us a small flat commission for all cars we do with them. 201-702-2773

We can look into NX besides RX

If I to purchase my lease, do I have to do it through a Lexus dealer if I don’t need LFS financing?

Technically no