Need help with new lease

Hey everyone! I posted a while back asking about RV and MF on a 2017/18 G550 or 63. Well, I’ve been working with my dealer to get one in. I got the exact build that I want with the sticker being $149,245 for a 2018 AMG G63! In case anyone is interested, the RV is 54% for 36mo/10k. The payment is just under $2600 with wheel/tire and prepaid maintenance. I was just approved today! I am not putting anything down as I don’t believe it is conducive to anyone’s benefit on a lease. However, the only stipulation is to get rid of my current lease (2016 E400 4Matic). I listed it on LeaseTrader. I have 16 payments remaining on the vehicle, but I wanted to ask if you all know of any other ways that I can get rid of my E-class? They don’t offer “pull-ahead” on this vehicle (where they waive up to 6 payments), and the trade in value is less than the payoff by 19k. Thus, selling it or trading it is out of the question. I would pay off the remaining payments, but I would rather put that towards my new future lease payment!

  1. 19k between the lease payoff and trade in value given by the dealership OR did you take it to carmax to get an appraisal?

  2. the LAP (lease pull ahead program) i believe is 5 months and reverts back to 3 months after January 2nd when the winter dream event ends

  3. Swap a Lease is more popular than Lease Trader and with a potential 19k split you need to incentive the hell out of it and list it on swap a lease as welll

  4. maintenance will likely be worth it if residulized correctly and not marked up by the F&I manager

  5. MB wheel and tire is likely $2k plus on that vehicle and is definitely NOT worth it. Having big wheels and being elevated off the ground - you will have very little damage

All I can say is, congrats that you can afford and are willing to pay $2600/month for a vehicle.

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Hi there! Thank you! I was thinking of taking it to Carmax. All this happened today! However, I have been lowballed by CarMax every time.

I incentivized with $5k…let’s see what happens. Do you know if I can list it on both?

I have had tire/wheel in the past and it has been a lifesaver!! Do you really not recommend getting the wheel/tire package?

If you had it on the E400 you definitely were able to use the wheel and tire because of the low profile tires and how low the car sits.

Also, did you put it in the lease calculator ? On G63 wagons we used to make $25 k plus profit on the front end with holdback, etc. (which you likely can’t negotiate because of the scarcity of the vehicle). However, I bet they are making 10k plus in the backend by marking up the money factor.

Thanks a lot for your help and advice coolryans! The vehicle still hasn’t come in yet. I wanted to ask your advice on any “hacks” you know of to lower the monthly or get them to give a better MF? My sales guy did say it was approved at a tier 3 for some reason, however, he also mentioned they are still “tweaking” it. I listed my E400 on both Leasetrader and Swapalese…but no bites. I even offered 5k incentive! Thanks again! Happy holidays!

One other question… what do you believe the odds are that I would get approved for a USED G63 (2014 or newer) financed over 72 months? They approved for the lease which is equal to about 90k on a 150k vehicle. Thoughts?

Tier 3 would not be the best interest rate. It’s likely that because the monthly payment is so high even if you have a very high income the credit department is dinging you somehow.

I think as long as the finance company is the same, it won’t really matter what car you get, they will approve you for a total amount/monthly payment. If anything, they might be willing to take more risk/approve a higher payment on a lease since they have clearer ownership of the car. Buying a used car would likely come with a higher interest rate, but you could also borrow the money from your local bank or credit union. USAA will give you a “blank check” you can take to the dealer, for example.