Need help with Honda Odyssey EX lease

Negotiated an offer for a 2019 Honda Odyssey EX lease:
MSRP: 35255
Sale Price: 32777
MF: 0.00098 (not certain, just googled it)

36 months
10,000 miles
$3714 down at signing including NJ taxes, all fees (bank, DMV, dealer, +1000), and first month
$299/month for remaining 35 months

Is this a good deal, or too much down?


Missing msrp, selling price, and MF. Can not evaluate.

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Bear in mind that the 2020 version will have the 10-speed transmission and the acoustic glass that is now limited to the Touring and Elite trims.

Effective payment of $393 first month at signing. Pretty good

Seems to me you can do much better. Try to get bigger then 7% discount. Don’t do $3,714 down at signing (you’ll lose that money if the car gets totaled or stolen)
I’ve seen EX-L trim (39K MSRP, 33K sale price) for $395 /mo, including NJ taxes & $0 at signing for 36/12 lease.
(Price included $750 incentive)

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Where have you seen this?

I would go back at them with $369/month with $0 DAS/all taxes & fees include, just1st month payment only. And if they counter with $379, I would take it.