Need help with BMW Money factor on loaners!

BMW 330xi and 430xi

How do I calculate adjusted money factor for bmw loaners under 5k miles?? Is it still base MF for bmw’s under 5k?

Thank you

Yes, base MF is .00166, regardless of being new or a loaner.

Thank you very much for the quick response.

mf is the same but rv gets adjusted for miles. i don’t remember the exact formula

36/12 for 330i is 60% residual this month.
lets say loaner has 3000 miles…
MSRP is $50000.
what you do is $50000x60% = $30000
since it’s loaner… (3000 miles - 500 miles) x $0.25(per mile) = $625
$30000-$625 = $29375 <----- that’s your adjusted residual for this loaner… $29375/$50000 = 0.5875 = 58.75%

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thanks everyone. I had a feeling I was mixing up the 2 of them