Need help with an EV lease

Having difficult time lease hacking an EV in SoCal. Have leased a Leaf SL and Soul EV+ before at great prices, 15k all in about $280 tax included with Zero drive off. Now my Soul lease will be expiring soon and having a hard time finding something similarly priced since the residuals are abysmal, something like 30% after 3 yrs 15k per. Vw egolf is 31% and Kia Soul is in the 20’s!

Have looked at Soul, Leaf, eGolf, i3, Clarity phev, Focus,Volt…

Criteria is battery range over 100, monthly under ~$300 (zero driveoff). Prefer safety tech like parking assist, blindspot, adaptive cruise, lane departure…

For 15k, zero drive off, 36 mo,tier 1, am geeting quotes like
i3 base $380+
Golf $500+
Clarity base $400
Soul ev+ for $320
Leaf S for $400+

Price wise, Soul is closest but lacks the tech. Clarity has most of the tech but insufficient range. Leaf has the tech and range but not the price. Maybe I’m asking too much. Maybe Tesla 3!? My current lease expires in 10 days.

Any suggestions?

Yeah, I think you’re looking for a unicorn. I think you’re best bet if >100mi range is most important and if you can do w/o the fancy tech is focus electric. Even though the residuals are horrendous, there’s $13500 in incentives.

Edit: Oh yeah, you also have to live with the compromised trunk.

yeah… I test drove the Ford Focus EV and while the ride is smooth and it has power under the hood, there is no cargo space in the trunk due to the raised-up batteries row that occupy 2/3 of the space, even doing regular groceries would not be practical in my wife opinion. Rumors are that Ford would make a flat trunk for 2019 model with better batteries range, will see…

EV deals come and go. Sometimes they are crazy good, other times…

The i3 suffers from the same problems all BMWs have right now- they made the lease deals much worse over the last 18 months. Then suddenly they have too many and blow them out but this isn’t happening right now so your timing is off. Plus the base i3 lacks many of the safety features you want.

If fact I suspect many of the EVs you are looking at lack the full safety suites at the cheaper base levels. Especially adaptive cruise which a lot of companies seem to reserve for the higher (and more profitable) trim levels.

e-Golf tends to lease poorly unless VW decide they have to clear stock. Again the timing is off, they probably won’t blow those out for months.

Clarity I thought was under 100 miles of range as a pure EV? I happen to have sat in one today at an Earth Day event but it was the plugin hybrid version. Seems like a nice car but brand new so no deals on that one.

Leaf S is also brand new- no killer deals.

@chevysalesgirl has the base Volt listed for $310, OC tax included, $0 drive off but that is a 10K mile lease. Also no clue as to what safety systems are on the base Volt. Bolts are more than Volts this month.

Just a tough time to want to lease an EV. If you could wait until the fall probably better things will appear but if you have to have a car in 10 days best you can probably do is what until May to see if any offers improve before you decide. Or pick one that is close on price and try to negotiate the hell out of it the last day of the month and hope a dealer needs another unit to hit some goals.

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I would request a 3-6 month extension, pay the registration fee and wait until June>Sep. Prices are extremely high, none I would spend the money on at this moment.